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What Is In-Home Dog Boarding?

Planning a trip or weekend getaway also means planning for your pet’s care while you are away.  There are many options available; pet sitting, kennels, and in-home dog boarding.

Most are familiar with the traditional options of pet sitting and kennels however there is another option to consider, in-home dog boarding.

What is in-home dog boarding?

In-home dog boarding offers boarding service in a host home.   A host home can be found through one of the national websites offering in-home dog boarding, such as DogVacay or Rover.  There are also some professional pet sitters who offer this service.  They can easily be found by doing a google search.

What is in-home dog boarding

Your dog will enjoy the comforts of a home environment rather than stay in a kennel or at home alone. The host will attend to the basic needs of your dog and will also provide companionship.  Your dog may also benefit by possibility  socializing with other pets. In-home boarding is typically 24 hours of trusted care.

After a pet guardian has found a potential host to care for their dog, they should check references, back ground checks, and review necessary licenses required for in-home dog boarding.

Arrangements are then made to ensure that in-home dog boarding is a good fit for the host as well as your dog. A trial of one to two nights is recommended prior to leaving your dog during a long vacation.

In-home dog boarding can be a more affordable option compared to hiring a professional pet sitter or using a kennel.  Although it can be better for your budget not all dogs do well staying in an unfamiliar home.

The key consideration in determining if in-home dog boarding is right for your dog is how comfortable and safe will your dog be. This should be a stress free environment for your dog.

Has your dog ever stayed at another home while you were away?  How was the experience?


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