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How To Get Free Pet Sitting By A Professional!

We get it!  We have multiple pets, so we understand. Paying for pet care while you are away can get expensive, especially on those long trips. There is a way, however you can receive free pet sitting by a professional.  

Free Pet Sitting By A Professional

Here is how you can get free pet sitting by a professional!

Most professional pet sitters offer a referral program.  Referral programs benefit both the pet sitter and you, the pet guardian.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a pet sitter. Often times the pet sitter will give an incentive to those who share their business with others.

The incentive varies among professional pet sitters. The pet sitter may offer a certain amount off the next time you schedule a visit.  This can range from $5 upwards to $25 off a future visit. Some pet sitters also offer a discount of 5-10% off next booking. This is certainly worth taking advantage of as it could result in substantial savings to you, especially if you take long vacations.

How most referral programs work is,

You spread the word about your experience with your pet sitter. Encourage friends and family to give your pet sitter a call. Share pictures and stories your pet sitter has provided while servicing your pets.

You can also share posts from your pet sitters social media pages and comment on what a fantastic job the pet sitter did with your pets. Leave positive reviews on social media about your pet sitter.

Once your referral books and pays for service, the pet sitter will notify you and apply a credit to your account. The more you refer the more credits you can accumulate.  This can result in substantial savings on your pet care bill when planning a nice long vacation.

A bonus is if  your pet sitter also gives a credit to the person you referred. You refer the pet sitter and receive a credit but your friend who booked services also receives the same credit.  This is a win for everyone.

If you aren’t sure if your pet sitter has a referral program ask. 

What’s keeping you from telling others about your fantastic pet sitter?  Don’t worry that they will get too busy to take your future reservations.  Professional pet sitters value long-time, clients who appreciate their service and tell others about them.

Now spread the word and get your free pet sitting by a professional.


5 Tips To Find A Reliable Pet Sitter

It’s time to plan a vacation.  Going away should be relaxing and fun.  It’s not a time to worry about your pets. It’s hard to leave them behind, sure, but having a reliable, trustworthy pet sitter makes all the difference.  You don’t have to worry and your pets are comfy and safe at home. 

If you search pet sitters your town, many listings will show.  It may seem overwhelming and confusing.  How do you find a reliable pet sitter in your area ?  How do you know who to trust and will show up?

Find a reliable pet sitter

5 Tips to Find a Reliable Pet Sitter

1.  Ask friends and neighbors 

This is your best source for finding a reliable pet sitter. Friends and neighbors who have used a pet sitter will only provide a name of someone they have used, trust, and highly recommend. 

2.  Veterinarians

Another great way to find a reliable pet sitter is to ask your veterinarian.  Many vets network with other pet professionals. They often times will recommend a professional pet sitter and some vets also have staff that provide pet sitting.

3.  Search online for a professional pet sitter

A professional pet sitter will have an established business.  Since they have worked hard to build their business and reputation, they want to maintain that image by being reliable and trustworthy. Look for these qualifications when hiring a professional pet sitter:

  • Are they insured?  All professional pet sitters are covered by liability insurance.
  • How long have they been in business?  Pet sitters who have been in business for years are likely to be around for the long haul.  
  • What do the reviews say about them? Great sources for pet sitter reviews are Angie’s list, business Facebook page, and Google +.
  • Does the pet sitter have an emergency backup plan?  This is important as you do not want to be on vacation and get a frantic call your pet sitter is in the hospital and can no longer care for your pets.
  • A professional pet sitter will have a service agreement and policies for you to review.  This clearly defines what you can expect of the pet sitter while your pets are under their care.

4.  Meet the pet sitter  

This will tell you a lot about the person caring for your pets. How does the pet sitter interact with the pets?  Are your pets comfortable with this person? Is the pet sitter clear about the services they will provide and when? Do they take notes about the pet’s care? Always go with your gut. If you are still not sure, schedule a trial run for one or two visits before you take a week long vacation.

5.  Avoid fly by night pet sitters 

When choosing a pet sitter, you want someone to build a relationship with. If you are searching sites such as Rover, Sittercity, and Care look for someone who is an established professional.  These sites promote pet sitting as an easy way to make money.  Many sign up but don’t stick around long term.

Hiring a pet sitter doesn’t have to be scary.  Take your time and use the tips above to find the right pet sitter for your needs. Your vacation will be much more relaxed and so will your pets.

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy pet sitter?  We can help! 










Things Are Going To Change! Pet Sitter’s Life

For the past three weeks, things have been crazy!  Of course we aren’t complaining, we are thankful for the business.  Summer vacations started at the end of May and we jumped full force into June.

Our days have been starting at 6 am, sometimes before if we have to,  and not finishing until 10-11 pm.  If we should happen to be scheduled for overnights, we just keep on going.

This type of schedule is standard for professional pet sitters.  We map out our visits by requested time and location in order to plan our day with the most efficient route.  Sometimes though, no matter how much we plan and prepare, things are going to change.

It’s a pet sitters life and things are going to change!

Things are going to change


Our sitters are accustomed to the every changing schedules but geesh these last few weeks have been hard to keep up with. We know to look at our schedules several times a day to be sure nothing is missed and here is why.

  • Work schedules changed for summer so two of our daily Mon – Friday clients no longer needed walks starting in June.
  • Another client who normally uses us two days per week wanted to switch to one day a week. We were able to accomodate but one week into June the client wanted to switch to a different day. Unfortunatley our daily schedule for the day requested was already filled for those time slots so the client decided on a different day.
  • Pet visits scheduled for 14 days in June were cancelled because of a family member was hospitalized.
  • Two seperate clients requested extra visits be added to their weekly schedule
  • A booking over Memorial weekend cancelled because their plans changed.
  • New client scheduled less than 48 hours because their sitter backed out.
  • Client decided to stay home from work and didn’t need us.
  • Another client leaving later for work wanted us to visit later in the day than originally planned.
  • Daily client had plans after work could we add on another visit between 3-4.
  • Client requested 3 mid day visits for the week but less than 24 hour notice.
  • Client called on Thursday to book 3 visits a day starting Fri thru Monday for a last minute weekend trip.
  • Client scheduled visits for 7 days but decided to leave two days earlier than planned and needed hour long visits added for those extra days.

I am pretty sure there are a few I forgot to mention.  While handling a full schedule of pet visits, it’s really tough to keep up with so many changes  Luckily we have a great scheduling system in place. Our clients can schedule, cancel, or change visits online 24/7. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the changes so nothing gets missed while we are out tending to pets.

It’s life, things are going to change.  We get it.  Sometimes the changes are unpredictable like in the case of a family member suddenly hospitalized.

There are times though,  the changes occur because of poor planning. If you failed to book your pet sitter until the day before you are going on a week long trip but planned your travel arrangements months before, don’t expect your pet sitter to jump thru hoops to get you on the schedule.

To book service, cancel, or change a request, please use our online scheduler.  We receive so many texts and calls each day while we are out pet sitting and are unable to schedule the requests until we are back in the office.  We do not want to miss your request and want to be sure we have all the information necessary.

When you need to schedule, cancel, or change pet service, do so with as much notice as possible.  The more notice you provide, the easier it is to accomodate your request.


Are You Shocked By The Cost Of Pet Sitting?

When clients call up inquiring about service, the first thing they want to know is the cost of pet sitting. After finding out more about the pets and their needs, a rate is quoted.  On the other end of the phone, silence.  It’s because pet parents are shocked to learn that pet sitting is not cheap. The statement  “oh I didn’t realize pet sitting would cost so much” often follows that dead silence.

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting?

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting

Why so much?

It’s not certain why pet parents are so shocked by the cost of pet sitting. Is it because they are used to family and friends caring for their pets for free?  Have they always paid the neighborhood teenager $5 to let the dog out so when they call a professional are taken aback by the cost?

Why do professional pet sitters have to charge so much for pet sitting?  It’s not that hard to take care of cats and dogs, right?

You know the expense of having a pet.  There is food, toys, treats, veterinarian visits, and maybe even grooming. There is also pet care for when you go away.

Let’s talk about the cost of pet sitting.

Most professional pet sitters determine their rates with great care and consideration.  The rate of pet sitting should not be determined on the average rate or what competitors in the area are charging.

Pet sitting rates should be determined on what the pet sitter needs to charge in order to pay all expenses and make a profit. As much as pet sitters would love to work for free because they love pets, they do have bills to pay. If they aren’t charging enough to meet their expenses and basic needs, they won’t be around the next time you need pet sitting service.

Here is a breakdown on the cost of pet sitting.

Let’s assume a per visit rate of $20

$8  = 40% goes to payroll, employer taxes, Workers Compensation insurance

$6 = 30% allocated to other business expenses, phone, internet, marketing materials, mileage, and liability insurance to name a few.

$6 = 30%  profit,  but wait 20% has to be paid for personal income tax on this.

Of the $20 visit rate, a pet sitting business is only netting approximately $4.80.

As you can see charging anything much less than this, the pet sitting business will barely survive.

What’s the value?

When you are looking to hire a pet sitter, look at the value the pet sitter provides then determine if the cost of pet sitting is really that shocking. This is a person you are entrusting to enter your home and care for your pet, two of your greatest treasures.

When choosing pet care, what is most important to you?








Hiring A Pet Sitter, Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Hiring a pet sitter to come in to take care of your pets may be a new concept for you.  Maybe you’re a little uneasy about it.  The process of hiring a pet sitter might seem overwhelming.

How do you know the person will take good care of your pets? Will they show up when they are supposed to? Can they be trusted with your pet and home?

Choosing a pet sitter doesn’t have to be unnerving if you know what to look for and what to avoid. To help you in your search we want you to find the right pet sitter.

When hiring a pet sitter, avoid these 3 mistakes.

Hiring a pet sitter, avoid these 3 mistakes


Choose a pet sitter based on cost.

Cheaper isn’t always better especially when it comes to the care of your pet and home. Paying a little more for a professional pet sitter is well worth the peace of mind.

A professional pet sitting service has procedures and policies in place for the safety and protection your pets and home. They also have a backup plan in case of emergencies.

Professional pet sitters take their business very seriously and have invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to build their reputation and business.  It’s worth paying a little more knowing that your pet sitter will still be around a year from now, is reliable and trustworthy.

Allow unprofessional, uninsured individuals to care for your pets and home.

It’s surprising how many pet parents hire an uninsured individual to care for their pets.  They don’t give thought to the unexpected happening. By hiring an uninsured pet sitter, you put yourself at risk.

Whether intentional or unintentional, mistakes or mishaps can happen.  Pets can be unpredictable.  They can be injured or cause harm to another pet or individual thus creating costly vet or medical bills. Hiring a professional pet sitter who carries liability insurance covers these types of incidences.

Hire a pet sitter without researching a little bit about them.

Finding a pet sitter online and meeting with them is not enough.  Do your research.  Google the pet sitter .

Find out how long they have been in business. The longer the better.  It means they have been around awhile. They would not be in business long if they had a bad reputation.

Read the reviews.  What are other pet parents saying about the care provided.

Do they have an online presence, website, business Facebook page, Google plus page? They may not have all of these but having an online presence often portrays a more legitimate business.


A professional pet sitter can make your life easier.  It can also ease the stress on your pet when you have to go away. By choosing the right pet sitter, you can travel with peace of mind knowing your pet is in excellent care.

How will hiring a professional pet sitter make life easier for you?