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Tips For Dressing Up Pets For Halloween

Are you dressing up your pet this Halloween?  It is estimated that 20 million pet owners will dress up their pets this Halloween according o the National Retail Federation.

Although your pet may look irresistible all decked out in a Halloween costume, your pets safety and comfort come first. Make sure to follow these tips for dressing up pets for Halloween so they are safe and comfortable.

Tips for dressing up your pet for Halloween

Lego ~ Best in Pet Services

Here are some tips for dressing up pets for Halloween.


Does your pet really want to be dressed up?

We love seeing pets in funny or cute costumes however does your pet love it?  Lego, our little friend above is one pet who is quite comfortable being in costume.  Not all pets though tolerate costumes as well as Lego. Listen to what your pet is telling you. If your pet does not like being dressed up, don’t do it.  This causes a lot of stress for your pet.  Choose a nice Halloween bandanna instead.

Avoid pet costumes that restrict movement.

When choosing a Halloween pet costume, make sure that your pet has free movement and no restrictions. Costumes should allow the pet to move about freely so they can go about normal activities.

Pet costumes should allow for easy breathing, barking, meowing, and hearing.

Avoid costumes that impede a pets ability to hear, breathe, or communicate.  Never dress your pet in costumes or clothing that restrict them in any way.  Pets need to be able to communicate and the last thing we want is to make it difficult for them to breathe.

Examine pet costumes for loose or small, dangling pieces.

Loose pieces, dangling string, buttons, or sparkling décor can be dangerous for your pet.  These can become tangled or irritating to your pet but more importantly some pets may try to chew pieces and choke. Check the costume over carefully.

Try the Halloween costume on your pet.

Trying on your pets costume will allow you the chance to see how your pet reacts to the costume. Ditch the Halloween costume if your pet is uncomfortable, irritated, scratching or distressed.

Enjoy a safe and fun holiday with your pets by following these tips for dressing up pets for Halloween.

Are you dressing your pet for Halloween? 






How To Choose The Right Pet Sitter

Pets are a very important part of your daily life but unfortunately they cannot go with you every place and every time you need to leave home.

Most bosses would frown upon bringing your cat or dog with you to the office. With your sweet companions lingering around, you would spend more time focusing on them and less on work.

How about vacation?  Having your pets with you would be ideal but many vacation spots do not allow pets. Do cats really want to leave the comforts of home, anyway?  Cat litter and litter boxes would  be a nuisance to have to pack up along with your luggage.  Your dogs would love to go too but what should you do with them when you are on outings or dinner? Who wants to be on vacation and worry about getting back to let the dog out?

Taking all this into consideration, sometimes the best option is to hire a professional pet sitter to care for your pets.  Here are some tips on how to choose the right pet sitter.

How to Choose The Right Pet Sitter


The best way to find a pet sitter is through the referral of friends, family, veterinarians, groomers,, and coworkers.  Their recommendations should be highly regarded.  Honest feedback from those we are close to help ease the fear of trusting a stranger with your home and pets. If those you know trust the recommended pet sitter than you can trust them too. The pet sitter has a proven track record.

Pet sitters may also provide referrals from clients they have serviced but you don’t really know who those referrals are.  Do you really think a pet sitter is going to give you a referral that would say anything less than they were fantastic? Look instead at reviews.  Search for reviews  on Angie’s List, Google Plus, and their business facebook page.

Meet the pet sitter

Set up a time to meet the pet sitter prior to making arrangements to go away.  You don’t want to be frantically trying to find a pet sitter days before you are scheduled for vacation.  Finding the right pet sitter for your pet care needs is important and you won’t do this by looking last minute. Pet sitter schedules fill up quickly, especially during the summer and holidays.

While meeting with the pet sitter, you and your pet should feel totally at ease.  Watch how the pet sitter interacts with your pet. This is a good indicator on how they relate with pets. How does your pet react to the pet sitter? This is a good indicator on how comfortable your pet is with this person. Hiring a pet sitter is based on trust and comfort.

Schedule a trial

Before going away for a long, extended vacation, schedule the pet sitter for a day visit or weekend. This will be less stressful for you.  A trial run is a great way to see if the pet sitter is the right fit for you and your pet. If your pet has never had a pet sitter before, a trial run is recommended.  This allows you to see how the pet will do staying at home without you there.

Going away soon?  Did you ask your friends and neighbors to recommend a pet sitter?

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It’s Just A Dog! How People Really Feel About Their Pets

Recently I had an encounter with a gentlemen about in home pet sitting. He recognized me and said ” Oh hi, you are the pet lady, right?” We struck up a conversation about the business of pet sitting.

He worked in the same job for 35 years and told his wife that when they retired they should get into some sort of “high end pet business”.  The pet industry is where to be and a fast growing market, and he wanted to get on board.

According the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spent $58.04 billion in 2014 and estimate $60.59 billion in 2015 on pet expenditures.  This is proof that pet guardians love their pets and consider them to be valued members of the family.

“It’s just a dog”, what?  Really?

It's Just A Dog

During our conversation, I asked about his pets.  He told me about his Golden that is no longer with them and the type of dog he is looking for now.  When asked what he did in the past with his pets when he went away, he said his daughter took care of them. He would not pay for a pet sitter.  “It’s just a dog” he said.

Having his daughter care for his dog when he went away did not surprise me .  Many people rely on friends, family, and neighbors to care for their pets when they have to travel. The shock was the comment, “It’s just a dog” from a guy that wanted to open a high end pet business.

Not everyone views their pets as members of the family. In fact not too long ago, I saw a post on facebook that someone was offended at the thought of calling pets furbabies or furkids as it was an insult to mothers who had human children.

Maybe those folks haven’t developed the bond that some others have with their pets and don’t feel that connection.  I have children who are grown up but I still consider my pets as my babies.  I even call my son’s dog my grandpup.

When I opened the pet sitting business, it was for this very reason.  My pets were important and I couldn’t  let just anyone care for them.  Our clients feel the same way about their pets. They are not “just pets”.  They are family.

What name do you use to refer to your pets?  Are they pets, furkids, furbabies, kids, babies, or another name?





7 Reasons Your Pet Would Rather Stay Home When You Travel

When you have to go away and leave your pets behind, you want to make it less stressful and traumatic for them. They miss you when they can’t be with you; however there are places and times when it’s not possible for them to go. With all the options available for pet care, consider your pets and where they would feel most comfortable without you.

Going away?  Here are 7 reasons your pet would rather stay home when you travel.

7 Reasons Your Pet Would Rather Stay Home When You Travel

1.  Familiar surroundings. There really is no place like home.  It’s where your pet feels most comfortable.    Home is secure and everything is familiar.  Your pet is most at ease in their own home.

2. Normal routines. Most pets know how to keep time based on their usual routines.  They know when it’s time to eat, sleep, go outside, walk time, and play time.  Hiring a professional pet sitter to come in to care for your pets, will keep your pets routine consistent.

3. Sleeps in own bed.  Pets prefer sleeping in their same favorite spots.  It could be their own bed, a favorite chair, or your bed.  Think about when you go away and have to stay in a hotel or visiting a family member, the bed may be comfortable but it is not your own bed.  Doesn’t it feel great when you get back to your own bed?

4.  Not used to being kenneled.  For pets who have never been kenneled, this environment can be very stressful and frightening. The unfamiliar and strange sights, sounds, and smells can be scary for your pet.

5. Does not play well with others. If your pet is not as socialized, being boarded with other pets could make your pet anxious and stressed. Your pet would rather stay at home alone than try to make friends with others.

6. Is older and does not like to be uprooted.  Senior pets who are not as active prefer the comforts of their own home.  They prefer napping on the sofa or cozy bed. Transporting pets to a kennel or family member becomes more difficult for the pet as they age.

7. Hates change. Change in environment or routine really stresses some pets,especially cats. If your pet becomes nervous about change then keeping them home is the best option.

If your pet can’t travel with you, where would they prefer to stay?

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Memorial Day Pet Safety Tips

Memorial Day is just around the corner and many Americans will be participating in barbeques, picnics, and weekend getaways to kick off the start of summer. It’s a great time filled with fun festivities with family and friends.

Summer activities and holidays are a great time to include your pets.  They are of course part of the family and you want them to be involved.

Before including your pets in all the fun, it is important to remember these Memorial Day pet safety tips.

Memorial Day Pet Safety Tips

Keep pets indoors if there will be fireworks.

Pets are very uncomfortable and stressed around loud noises and flashy lights. This anxiety can cause the pet to be terrified.  Scared dogs might be so fearful, they nip and bite.  Pets may also try to escape a yard or break restraints trying to find a safe place to hide.  If  fireworks are part of the festivities, it is best to keep pets indoors.

Do not give your pets alcohol or table scraps.

Alcohol should be kept away from pets as it is dangerous and potentially hazardous resulting in coma or death even in small quantities.

Although it is tempting to feed the dog scraps from your plate, resist those pleading eyes.  People food can be harmful or even toxic to your pet.  Small amounts of table food can cause pets to get diarrhea, upset stomachs, or vomiting.  Foods such as grapes, raisins, onions, avocado, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and foods with xylitol are toxic and should never be given to pets.

Make sure pets are wearing identification.

It is extremely important that your pet always is wearing proper identification in case they get lost.   Micro-chipping your pet is recommended.  Your pet should also wear an ID tag with the pet’s name and your phone number.

Do not leave pets outdoors in extreme heat. 

Avoid keeping your pet outdoors for long periods of time when it is extremely hot or in direct sunlight.  Dogs can suffer from heatstroke quickly.  Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh, cold water and a shady place to keep cool.  It might be best to keep pets indoors if it is unbearably hot.

Having your pet with you while you celebrate the Memorial Day holiday can be fun for you and your pet. To ensure your festivities are safe and enjoyable remember these Memorial Day pet safety tips.

Always take into consideration the activities, where  you will be celebrating, who will be there, and if you and your pet will have a better time with or without your pet being there.  Sometimes it will be best for your pet to stay at home with a pet sitter.

What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?  Will your pet be included?

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