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How To Get Free Pet Sitting By A Professional!

We get it!  We have multiple pets, so we understand. Paying for pet care while you are away can get expensive, especially on those long trips. There is a way, however you can receive free pet sitting by a professional.  

Free Pet Sitting By A Professional

Here is how you can get free pet sitting by a professional!

Most professional pet sitters offer a referral program.  Referral programs benefit both the pet sitter and you, the pet guardian.  Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for a pet sitter. Often times the pet sitter will give an incentive to those who share their business with others.

The incentive varies among professional pet sitters. The pet sitter may offer a certain amount off the next time you schedule a visit.  This can range from $5 upwards to $25 off a future visit. Some pet sitters also offer a discount of 5-10% off next booking. This is certainly worth taking advantage of as it could result in substantial savings to you, especially if you take long vacations.

How most referral programs work is,

You spread the word about your experience with your pet sitter. Encourage friends and family to give your pet sitter a call. Share pictures and stories your pet sitter has provided while servicing your pets.

You can also share posts from your pet sitters social media pages and comment on what a fantastic job the pet sitter did with your pets. Leave positive reviews on social media about your pet sitter.

Once your referral books and pays for service, the pet sitter will notify you and apply a credit to your account. The more you refer the more credits you can accumulate.  This can result in substantial savings on your pet care bill when planning a nice long vacation.

A bonus is if  your pet sitter also gives a credit to the person you referred. You refer the pet sitter and receive a credit but your friend who booked services also receives the same credit.  This is a win for everyone.

If you aren’t sure if your pet sitter has a referral program ask. 

What’s keeping you from telling others about your fantastic pet sitter?  Don’t worry that they will get too busy to take your future reservations.  Professional pet sitters value long-time, clients who appreciate their service and tell others about them.

Now spread the word and get your free pet sitting by a professional.


What Is In-Home Dog Boarding?

Planning a trip or weekend getaway also means planning for your pet’s care while you are away.  There are many options available; pet sitting, kennels, and in-home dog boarding.

Most are familiar with the traditional options of pet sitting and kennels however there is another option to consider, in-home dog boarding.

What is in-home dog boarding?

In-home dog boarding offers boarding service in a host home.   A host home can be found through one of the national websites offering in-home dog boarding, such as DogVacay or Rover.  There are also some professional pet sitters who offer this service.  They can easily be found by doing a google search.

What is in-home dog boarding

Your dog will enjoy the comforts of a home environment rather than stay in a kennel or at home alone. The host will attend to the basic needs of your dog and will also provide companionship.  Your dog may also benefit by possibility  socializing with other pets. In-home boarding is typically 24 hours of trusted care.

After a pet guardian has found a potential host to care for their dog, they should check references, back ground checks, and review necessary licenses required for in-home dog boarding.

Arrangements are then made to ensure that in-home dog boarding is a good fit for the host as well as your dog. A trial of one to two nights is recommended prior to leaving your dog during a long vacation.

In-home dog boarding can be a more affordable option compared to hiring a professional pet sitter or using a kennel.  Although it can be better for your budget not all dogs do well staying in an unfamiliar home.

The key consideration in determining if in-home dog boarding is right for your dog is how comfortable and safe will your dog be. This should be a stress free environment for your dog.

Has your dog ever stayed at another home while you were away?  How was the experience?


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Which Is Better For Your Dog, Pet Sitting Or Kennel?

If you are planning a trip you may not know the pet care option best suited for your pets. It is important to understand your pets needs when choosing a pet sitter or kennel.

Which is better for your dog, pet sitting or kennel?

Neither is better than the other, however one choice may be better for your dog.

Pet sitting is available at your home.  The pet sitter will visit your dog 1 or more times per day or may even spend the night.  Your dogs basic needs along with lots of attention will be provided during the visits. Daily walks are often included when hiring a pet sitter.

Kennel will provide a place for your dog to stay while you are away.  You may choose an indoor/outdoor run or a suite. Kennels also offer additional activities such as dog day care time, hikes, baths, or extra cuddle time. There is usually an extra fee for additional activities.

Which is better foryour dog, pet sitting or kennel


Some dogs will do better with a pet sitter and some should be placed in a kennel.

Dogs best suited for pet sitting:

  • Senior dogs
  • Multiple dog families
  • Unsocialized dogs who may be anxious or nervous around other dogs and people
  • Canines who prefer their routines and comforts of home
  • Pooches who need extra attention and companionship

Dogs best suited for kenneling:

  • Destructive dogs
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Puppies under 6 months  who are confined to crating when no one is home
  • Special needs or medical needs – vet kenneling is recommended
  •  Canines with extreme high energy

Whether pet sitting or kenneling is a better option for your dog, always meet the person or visit the place you are considering to care for your dog. To have a stress free time away for you and your pet, you must feel comfortable with who is caring for your dog.  Keeping your dog comfortable and relaxed is important just as making sure his basic needs are met.


Which option is better for your dog, pet sitting or kennel?

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Pet Sitting vs Kennel, Which Is Best For Cats?

Planning to go out of town but not sure what to do about pet care?  There are many options to choose from but it’s important to find the right fit for you and your cat.  This will allow you to travel with ease of mind while providing the least stressful solution for your cat.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats?

Pet Sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats

Pet Sitting

One option for your pet’s care is to hire a cat sitter.  A pet sitter will come to your home one or two times a day to visit your cat. The pet sitter will visit during a specified time frame and provide your cat with all the necessary care but will also spend time playing with and pampering your kitty.

Staying at home in familiar surroundings may be more comforting to your cat.  Cats do not like change. and do much better sticking to normal routines.  Trying to get your cat to the kennel can also be a bit challenging.  Some cats do everything they can to avoid going into the cat carrier.

Pet sitting may be the best choice if:

  • your cat hates changes to their routine and environment
  • it’s difficult to get your cat into a carrier or travel with your cat
  • sleeping in your bed is your cats preference
  • your cat stresses easily
  • has not been exposed to many people or different places
  • you have multiple cats


Another option for pet care is to take your cat to a kennel while you are away. Kennels can vary from a small space to a luxurious suite. There are some situations where a kennel is recommended for your cat rather than pet sitting.  If your cat has severe medical needs then kenneling your cat with your veterinarian would be best.  The staff will be able to closely monitor your kitty’s medical needs and will be better equipped at handling any issues your cat may have.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which would your cat prefer when you are away?




Are You Shocked By The Cost Of Pet Sitting?

When clients call up inquiring about service, the first thing they want to know is the cost of pet sitting. After finding out more about the pets and their needs, a rate is quoted.  On the other end of the phone, silence.  It’s because pet parents are shocked to learn that pet sitting is not cheap. The statement  “oh I didn’t realize pet sitting would cost so much” often follows that dead silence.

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting?

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting

Why so much?

It’s not certain why pet parents are so shocked by the cost of pet sitting. Is it because they are used to family and friends caring for their pets for free?  Have they always paid the neighborhood teenager $5 to let the dog out so when they call a professional are taken aback by the cost?

Why do professional pet sitters have to charge so much for pet sitting?  It’s not that hard to take care of cats and dogs, right?

You know the expense of having a pet.  There is food, toys, treats, veterinarian visits, and maybe even grooming. There is also pet care for when you go away.

Let’s talk about the cost of pet sitting.

Most professional pet sitters determine their rates with great care and consideration.  The rate of pet sitting should not be determined on the average rate or what competitors in the area are charging.

Pet sitting rates should be determined on what the pet sitter needs to charge in order to pay all expenses and make a profit. As much as pet sitters would love to work for free because they love pets, they do have bills to pay. If they aren’t charging enough to meet their expenses and basic needs, they won’t be around the next time you need pet sitting service.

Here is a breakdown on the cost of pet sitting.

Let’s assume a per visit rate of $20

$8  = 40% goes to payroll, employer taxes, Workers Compensation insurance

$6 = 30% allocated to other business expenses, phone, internet, marketing materials, mileage, and liability insurance to name a few.

$6 = 30%  profit,  but wait 20% has to be paid for personal income tax on this.

Of the $20 visit rate, a pet sitting business is only netting approximately $4.80.

As you can see charging anything much less than this, the pet sitting business will barely survive.

What’s the value?

When you are looking to hire a pet sitter, look at the value the pet sitter provides then determine if the cost of pet sitting is really that shocking. This is a person you are entrusting to enter your home and care for your pet, two of your greatest treasures.

When choosing pet care, what is most important to you?