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My dog is bored, what should I do?

My Dog is Bored

Blu – Best in Pet Services – Pet sitting & Dog Walking

Dogs get bored!  Most times they get bored because their experiences and stimulation are limited.  They are stuck in the house alone all day while you are at work.  When you come home, you give your dog a quick pat and some scratches but you have so much to do:  cook dinner, housework, help the kids with homework, and you just want to sit for an hour or two to relax after a long day.  What about your dog?  What did he do all day?

While  you were out all day and had a day full of activities, you dog was confined to his own house and yard.  How much fun could that be? When your dog becomes too bored, he will find ways to occupy his time which leads to unwanted or destructive behaviors.

My dog is bored, what should I do?

To alleviate your dogs boredom you need to enrich your dog’s life. You can do this through exercise, training, games, and socialization.


The best way to help reduce your dog’s boredom is through exercise.  Take your dog for daily walks.  By getting your dog outside of his home and yard, he is able to experience scents, sounds, and sights that he is not familiar with. This stimulates all his senses as well as keeps him physically fit.

Take alternating routes so your dog has more experiences.  Daily walks together also helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

If you are too busy during the day for daily dog walks, invest in a dog walker.  A dog walker will come in every day while you are at work and give your dog a much needed potty break as well as a good walk.  (Why should I hire a dog walker?)


Training is a good way to mentally stimulate your dog.  Your dog wants and needs something to do. Challenging your dog mentally with new tricks or commands can lead to a more relaxed dog.

Enroll in a force free training program.  A good place to search for a trainer is The Pet Professional Guild.  There are also several great training videos on line such as Victoria Stilwell dog training videos.


Dogs love to play games.  Games provide mental challenges and stimulate dogs natural instincts of chase, search, and tug. Fun games to play with your dog are find it, tug, and fetch.  Ace, my Doberman loves to play find it.  We use treats or toys but he prefers his favorite toy because when he finds it there is lots of praise and a game of tug.

There are also interactive puzzles and games that you can leave with your dog. These games allow you to hide a treat and your dog must use memory and scent to figure out how to get the treat.


Daily puppy let out - dog walking

Ace & Zeus – Best in Pet Services – pet sitting & dog walking



Dogs are social and love being with other people and dogs.  Dogs enjoy having off leash play time.  Chasing and romping around with other canines will tire your dog out mentally and physically.  Doggie daycares are an excellent way to allow your dog to enjoy spending time with other dogs.  These facilities are often monitored and require immunizations to be up to date.  An alternative to doggie day care is to arrange play dates with one of your friends.






Keeping your dog actively stimulated is just as important to their health and well being as feeding them a proper, nutritional diet and regular vet check ups. Your pet depends on you.

What will you do today to enrich your dog’s life?




Why Choose Best in Pet Services?

Why should you choose Best in Pet Services for your pet care needs? 

Why choose Best in Pet Services

Bella is happy! Best in Pet Services – professional pet sitting & dog walking

Most of us consider our pets as family members and often refer to them as our babies.  There will be times when you want to go away for vacation, a weekend getaway, or just out for the day.  What should you do with your pets? You can ask your neighbor, a family member (when it’s time to fire the family), kennel them, or choose a professional pet sitter.

With so many options available, it all can be a bit overwhelming.  What is the best option for your pets? Where will your pets be most comfortable?  Who will put your mind at ease?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking. (Why hire a professional pet sitter?) We come to your home to care for you pets.  We are dedicated to providing reliable, quality, professional service so that you and  your pet feel comfortable.

What makes Best in Pet Services the right choice for you and your pet?

We are insured!

Best in Pet Services is currently insured thru Mourer and Foster’s Kennel Pro plan.  Our liability insurance covers your pets and home while in our care.  Our staff of sitters are also fully covered under this plan.  Your pet and home are protected under our care.

We are a professional pet sitting and dog walking service!

Our commitment is focused entirely on the care of your pet.  Hiring Best in Pet Services is a guarantee that your pet sitter will show up at the agreed upon visits.  You don’t have to worry about when and if someone will be there to care for your pets.  We have policies and procedures in place so you know exactly what to expect.  The care of your pet is our top priority.

We have an emergency plan in place!

An emergency can happen at any time; a death in the family, a car accident, or an unexpected illness that results in hospitalization.  While you are away, you don’t want to worry about trying to make it home because something happened to the person who should be caring for your pets.  Best in Pet Services has a staff of trained pet sitters and dog walkers.  Our staff consist of employees who are all back ground checked and covered under our liability insurance.  In the event of a pet sitter emergency, one of our qualified pet sitters can fill in. We do not use the outsourced services of  Independent Contractors.

Pets stay where they are most comfortable!

professional pet sitter

Clarice – Best in Pet Services – professional pet sitting & dog walking


Of course your pets want to be with you wherever you are but if they can’t go, they  would much rather be at home.  This is where your pets are most comfortable.  Home is where they feel secure!  Best in Pet Services comes to your pet. The pets have their same familiar routine and we provide companionship and care.  Everyone is happy!




We provide quality pet care that you can rely on and trust!

Best in Pet Services is dedicated to providing you with reliable, trustworthy, professional pet care.  Our relationships with our clients and pets are of the utmost importance to us.    The key to a stress free pet sitting experience for you and your pet is knowing and trusting your pet sitter. (How Can I Trust You?).

We want you to go away to relax and not stress about your pets.  To put your mind at ease, we make sure you get all the updates and pictures you want while you are away.  We also leave daily note updates for you to read when you arrive home.  Our service is dedicated to the care of your pets.  Hiring a professional service who you can trust and rely on will provide you with PEACE of MIND.


See what our clients have to say about us, Best in Pet Services reviews. More reviews on our Best in Pet services Facebook page, Google plus, and Angie’s List.

We would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions, want to know anything about us, please don’t hesitate to call.  We would love getting to know you and your pets!



How Can I Trust You To Care for My Pets? 3 Things To Know

Most pet owners consider their pets as family members so the thought of going away on vacation without them is frightening. So many times we hear from pet owners who have not gone on vacation for years fearing who could possibly care for their fur babies like they would.  Is this you? Don’t let fear hold you back from enjoying time away. Finding a trustworthy, reliable pet sitter will ease your mind.  Wouldn’t you love to get away without worrying about your babies?How can I trust you to care for my pet


How Can I Trust You To Care for My Pets? 






Here are 3 things you should know!


1.  Look for a professional pet sitter.

  • Is the pet sitter insured?
  • Does the pet sitter have service contracts?
  • Does the pet sitter have an internet presence?
  • How long has the pet sitter been in business?

Hiring a professional pet sitter is the first step in finding trustworthy pet care.  A professional pet sitter takes business seriously.  They worked hard to build the business and their reputation.    If they have been pet sitting for many years, with several clients, you can be certain they will take excellent care of your pets.  They would not jeopardize the hard work they put into building their business with anything less than stellar service.

2. Check out Reviews. 

Pet owners will leave reviews of their experiences with the pet sitting service. There are several places where you can see the reviews of a pet sitter.  They may have reviews on their Facebook business page, Angie’s List,  their webpage, and Google.  Please take all reviews into consideration and although there may be one or two negative reviews it is important to get a feel for the overall reputation of the pet sitter by reading all reviews and responses.  A trustworthy, reliable pet sitter should have 4-5 star reviews overall.

3.  Meet the pet sitter 

  • How does she interact with you and the pet?
  • Does she spend time getting to know you and asking about the pets routine?
  • Does she go over her policies with you and explain services.
  • Most importantly how does your pet react to the pet sitter?  Are your pets comfortable?
  • After meeting the pet sitter, how do you feel?  Does she put your mind at ease?  Always go with your gut feeling.

If you are still feeling really nervous, start out slowly by scheduling the pet sitter for a day trip.  Once you feel  comfortable with day trips you can increase time away to a weekend getaway then up to a full week.

Building a relationship with a pet sitter is very important so you have opportunity to take vacations but also in case of an emergency situation where you may have to travel suddenly.  You will have total PEACE of MIND and wish you would have done it sooner.


10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter!


You may have never thought about hiring a professional pet sitter.  Why would you when you have family who know your pets so well or the neighbor who is more than happy to help out when you go away?  Besides, having the family or neighbor stop by to check on the pets usually doesn’t cost you anything except maybe a return favor.

10 Reasons to hire a professional pet sitter

Lucy – Best in Pet Services – Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Beaver County, PA


Here are 10 Reasons to Hire  a

Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Your brother works full time and often overtime, who knows when he will get there to feed and let the dogs out.

Hire a professional pet sitter  so you know what days and around what times someone will be there.

2.  Ms Nebbs, your neighbor likes to snoop.  She likes to help out but she is so nosy.

The professional pet sitter doesn’t care what you have or want to go through your things, they only care about the welfare of your pets.

3.  Dad feeds the dogs wings and fries then totally forgets the dogs food.  The people food does havoc on their digestive systems and you come home to some not so nice presents on the floor.

If you are worried about your pets feeding routine, hire a professional pet, they will follow your instructions exactly.

4.  Your sister just lucked out and last minute someone gave her tickets to the Garth Brooks concert and she plans on staying the night in town. Do you think she really wants to give that up to stay home and let the dogs out and do you want her to?

Once you schedule your visits with a professional pet sitter, they are committed to the dates they confirmed with you so you have no worries that they will miss visits to attend a concert.

5.  Your father ties your hyper, energetic 1 year old lab out on a lead while he is inside watching the football game.

If you want your dog walked, played with or tired out, hire a professional pet sitter.  They understand letting dogs release pent up energy through activity helps eliminate destructive and unwanted bad behavior.

6.  When it’s pouring down rain  or the roads have an inch of snow, your mother won’t call you to see if she still has to go out in the bad weather to let the dogs out at night.  Can’t she just go in the morning?  The dogs will be ok holding it for 15 hours,  right?

No matter what the weather, your professional pet sitter will be there to care for your pets or in the case of extreme weather conditions will have an emergency plan in place.

7.  Your son refuses to scoop the litter box and when you come home the cat decided to go elsewhere because there was no more room in his potty box.

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is of the  utmost importance to a professional pet sitter and scooping litter daily is very important for your cats health.

8.  The neighbor kid has a full schedule; school, sports, a job, and a girlfriend. He rushes in to put some food down and water, and let the dogs out for 5 minutes not even paying attention if dog potties.  Dog doesn’t have time to sniff and scout out potty location so goes in the house after neighbor leaves.

Rushing through a pet visit is unacceptable to a professional pet sitter.  They are committed to being there with your pet for as long as it takes to properly care for your pet as well as give your pet the attention they crave while you are away.

9.  Since your neighbor took care of your dogs and cat for your romantic weekend away, now you are stuck going over to their place 3 times a day for 10 days and you are totally inconvenienced. You just want to enjoy your evening at home watching your favorite reality tv shows.

It is really nice to have cheap pet care by having a neighbor do it but how cheap is it when you have to give up time to reciprocate? Just as it is an inconvenience for you remember it is for your neighbor too. Hire a professional pet sitter so you don’t inconvenience each other.

10 PEACE of MIND! Go away and relax knowing your pets are being looked after by someone who takes their care seriously and who will spend time with them. Hire a professional pet sitter (Top Ten Characteristics of a Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter) and enjoy your time away.



Vacationing This Summer? 3 Reasons to Book Your Pet Sitter Now!

Vacationing This Summer?  Book Your Pet Sitter

January is the perfect time to start thinking about your summer vacation. The snow is falling and the temperatures are bitter so what better time to plan some fun in the sun.  It gives us hope to get through the gloomy days of winter.

Before you start dreaming of laying on a beach, sipping a cold drink while waves lap at your feet, don’t forget to book your pets vacation too.  January is not too early to plan for their care.

3 Reasons To Book Your Pet Sitter Now

Summer Time is Busy 
The summer time months and holidays are always super busy for pet sitters.  Often times they are booked months in advance.  You do not want to be scrambling around close to vacation time, trying to find a pet sitter for your pets. Pet Sitters allow for so many pet visits per day in an allotted time and when they are booked, there is no way to fit any more into their schedule.  Professional pet sitters will not rush through pet visits or short allotted time with pets whose pet guardians planned in advance.

So You Don’t Forget
Book your pet sitter  when you book your vacation.  You are saying, “Oh I could never forget about my pets” but you would be surprised at the calls we get begging us to squeeze their pets in because they completely forgot about booking pet care.  We get busy and life happens so sometimes, planning pet care gets put on the back burner.

By planning your vacation and scheduling your pet care in advance, you will know the exact cost.  This will allow you to budget for vacation and pet care so that when the time comes you are prepared.  Vacations and pet care are not cheap so planning early relieves the stress of last minute unexpected cost.

What are you waiting for?  Book your vacation and pet sitter and start dreaming of that beach chair!