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Best Pet Care Option For Multiple Pet Households

If you have a house full of pets, you may wonder how to go on a trip leaving them behind.  Asking family, friends, or neighbors to stop in to take care of them is a huge imposition.  The best pet care option for multiple pet households is to hire a professional pet sitter.
Best Pet Care Option for Multiple Pet Households

Best Pet Care Option for Multiple Pet Households



Cost is one reason hiring a pet sitter is the best pet care option for multiple pet households.  Hiring a pet sitter will be less costly than trying to kennel or board.  Most pet sitters charge by time. Although having multiple pets may require a longer visit, it will be cheaper than paying per each pet at a kennel.


Hiring a pet sitter will be much more convenient for you.  Pets stay at home so there is no burdensome task of trying to gather all the pet supplies and transport pets to the kennel or boarding facility. Preparing for vacation will be much easier without worrying about dropping pets off somewhere.


All pets are more comfortable at home.    This is where their pet companions are.  This is where they sleep and eat.  They feel safe and secure at home.  Multiple pet households have each other for companionship so it’s not as lonely for them when you go away.


Most pets have a favorite place to rest. Each pet knows where their food dish is.  There is a routine of when to get up, eat, go outside, and go to bed.  This familiarity provides a sense of belonging and security. Everything about home is familiar to your pets, especially the scent, sounds, and other household members.

New environments can cause pets to become stressed and anxious.  They don’t know what to do or where to go, This uncertainty, therefore, may cause your pet to be uncomfortable, uneasy, or fearful.  This is especially true if pets must be separated.  Most kennels may be able to house one or two pets together but three or more is unlikely.

New sounds, scents and other unfamiliar pets can cause your pets severe anxiety.  The stress of this unfamiliar territory may also lead to appetite loss, diarrhea, or illness.

Having multiple pets shouldn’t prevent you from taking a vacation.  Call a professional pet sitter to schedule a consultation so you can arrange time away.  Having a reliable, trustworthy pet sitter will put your mind at ease.

Contact a pet sitter today so your next vacation will be relaxing and worry free.




Pet Sitting vs Kennel, Which Is Best For Cats?

Planning to go out of town but not sure what to do about pet care?  There are many options to choose from but it’s important to find the right fit for you and your cat.  This will allow you to travel with ease of mind while providing the least stressful solution for your cat.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats?

Pet Sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats

Pet Sitting

One option for your pet’s care is to hire a cat sitter.  A pet sitter will come to your home one or two times a day to visit your cat. The pet sitter will visit during a specified time frame and provide your cat with all the necessary care but will also spend time playing with and pampering your kitty.

Staying at home in familiar surroundings may be more comforting to your cat.  Cats do not like change. and do much better sticking to normal routines.  Trying to get your cat to the kennel can also be a bit challenging.  Some cats do everything they can to avoid going into the cat carrier.

Pet sitting may be the best choice if:

  • your cat hates changes to their routine and environment
  • it’s difficult to get your cat into a carrier or travel with your cat
  • sleeping in your bed is your cats preference
  • your cat stresses easily
  • has not been exposed to many people or different places
  • you have multiple cats


Another option for pet care is to take your cat to a kennel while you are away. Kennels can vary from a small space to a luxurious suite. There are some situations where a kennel is recommended for your cat rather than pet sitting.  If your cat has severe medical needs then kenneling your cat with your veterinarian would be best.  The staff will be able to closely monitor your kitty’s medical needs and will be better equipped at handling any issues your cat may have.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which would your cat prefer when you are away?




Are You Shocked By The Cost Of Pet Sitting?

When clients call up inquiring about service, the first thing they want to know is the cost of pet sitting. After finding out more about the pets and their needs, a rate is quoted.  On the other end of the phone, silence.  It’s because pet parents are shocked to learn that pet sitting is not cheap. The statement  “oh I didn’t realize pet sitting would cost so much” often follows that dead silence.

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting?

Are you Shocked By The Cost of Pet Sitting

Why so much?

It’s not certain why pet parents are so shocked by the cost of pet sitting. Is it because they are used to family and friends caring for their pets for free?  Have they always paid the neighborhood teenager $5 to let the dog out so when they call a professional are taken aback by the cost?

Why do professional pet sitters have to charge so much for pet sitting?  It’s not that hard to take care of cats and dogs, right?

You know the expense of having a pet.  There is food, toys, treats, veterinarian visits, and maybe even grooming. There is also pet care for when you go away.

Let’s talk about the cost of pet sitting.

Most professional pet sitters determine their rates with great care and consideration.  The rate of pet sitting should not be determined on the average rate or what competitors in the area are charging.

Pet sitting rates should be determined on what the pet sitter needs to charge in order to pay all expenses and make a profit. As much as pet sitters would love to work for free because they love pets, they do have bills to pay. If they aren’t charging enough to meet their expenses and basic needs, they won’t be around the next time you need pet sitting service.

Here is a breakdown on the cost of pet sitting.

Let’s assume a per visit rate of $20

$8  = 40% goes to payroll, employer taxes, Workers Compensation insurance

$6 = 30% allocated to other business expenses, phone, internet, marketing materials, mileage, and liability insurance to name a few.

$6 = 30%  profit,  but wait 20% has to be paid for personal income tax on this.

Of the $20 visit rate, a pet sitting business is only netting approximately $4.80.

As you can see charging anything much less than this, the pet sitting business will barely survive.

What’s the value?

When you are looking to hire a pet sitter, look at the value the pet sitter provides then determine if the cost of pet sitting is really that shocking. This is a person you are entrusting to enter your home and care for your pet, two of your greatest treasures.

When choosing pet care, what is most important to you?








How Much Notice Is Needed To Book Pet Sitting Service?

When we receive new inquiries for pet care, we are often asked how much notice is needed to book pet sitting service. We surely understand that life can’t always be perfectly planned and unexpected events happen.

A death, hospital stay, working late, or a last minute chance for a weekend getaway may leave you scrambling for pet care. Is it possible for a pet sitter to accommodate last minute requests?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service


Improve Your Chances

To improve your chances for last minute pet care, it is suggested that you establish a relationship with a pet sitter before the unexpected happens. A pet sitting service is much more likely to be able to fit your request in if they already have all your information, a signed contract, house keys, and have previously met you and your pets.

No Guarantee

This however does not guarantee your pet sitter will be available.   If your pet sitter operates as a solo operation with no employees, independent contractors, or incidental help, they may not be able to fit you in so easily.

A pet sitting business who operates with staff may have more availability but they too at times have to turn away last minute requests. Professional pet sitters only accept a certain number of reservations per day in order to provide the best care for your pets. When the schedule is filled, any other service requests must be denied.

Plan In Advance When Possible

Most pet sitting clients reserve care for their pets well in advance, especially during summer and holidays.  This is a very busy time for pet sitters and the schedule fills up quickly.

If you do have an emergency or an opportunity to get out of town for a few days, you should still call your pet sitter.  They may be able to rearrange their schedule. Be prepared though that some times your pet sitter will have to tell you no, unfortunately they just can’t squeeze in one more pet visit. Offering to pay double will not help.  When schedules are full they are full and a professional pet sitter will not shorten those pet visits that were booked in advance to fit in more.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed last minute pet care?  What did you do?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County, PA. Our pet sitters and dog walkers are available in Beaver, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Monaca, Rochester, and surrounding areas.



#1 Reason To Hire A Pet Sitter: Pets Stay Home

Vacation is planned months in advance. You wait in anticipation for that week away. When the time comes near, you stress about what to do with your pets.


Leaving your beloved pets behind weighs on your mind.  You feel nervous about them being alone and if they will be properly cared for.


There are many options of pet care to consider.  Pets can go to the kennel, stay at a family members home, or stay in their own home. What’s best for your pet?


Before making the decision, think about where your pet would feel most comfortable. 


#1 reason to hire a pet sitter: pets stay at home.

@1 Reason to hire a pet sitter: pets stay home


Hiring a professional pet sitter from Best in Pet Services provides you peace of mind while your pet enjoys the comforts of home. 


Here are some reasons your pet would prefer to stay at home.


Your pet becomes anxious with changes to routine or environment.


Most pets prefer a familiar routine and environment.  They know when it’s time to eat, sleep, wake up.


When pets are taken out of their home their daily routine is disrupted.  Their surroundings are unfamiliar. This can cause stress and anxiety for some pets. 


Traveling is difficult or stressful for your pet


Senior pets have a difficult time traveling. Often times it is hard for elderly pets  to get in and out of a car. 


Cats especially hate to travel and become very stressed when crated to be transported.  Not only can traveling be stressful for your pet, it is also and inconvenience for you.


Being around other pets and people makes your pet nervous


Not all pets are well socialized. When they are placed with other pets, people, or situations that are unfamiliar, your pet will suffer anxiety and be fearful.


This stress can cause unwanted behavior or health issues with your pet.  A professional pet sitter from Best in Pet Services will provide your pet with individual attention and that will be at ease in their own surroundings.


#1 Reason To Hire A Pet Sitter: Pets Stay Home. If your pet would prefer to stay at home when you travel, call us at 724-513-2495 or fill in our contact form

Best in Pet Services provides service in Beaver, Monaca, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, and surrounding areas.


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