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3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

Are you concerned about leaving your house key on file with a pet sitter?  Knowing the system your pet sitter has in place and the benefits may help put your mind at ease.

Here are 3 reasons to keep keys on file with a professional pet sitter.

3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Convenience

When you leave your keys on file with Best in Pet Services, all you have to do is call, email, or use our online scheduling system to book your service request.  You won’t have to make special arrangements for key pick up or return in your already busy schedule.

2. Emergencies

You might have to work late or leave town suddenly. Best in Pet Services can more easily accommodate last minute requests when client keys are kept on file.

3.  Cost

Eliminates the fee for a key pick up or drop off fee.  Most professional pet sitters do charge for this.  Picking up and dropping off keys requires additional trips for the pet sitter.  Not only does it take up a time slot that could be used to care for someone’s pets, it is an additional expense. Best in Pet Services must pay employees for all time worked which includes trips to collect or return keys and reimburse for mileage expense.

Before handing over your keys to any pet sitter there are some things you should ask. How does the pet sitter safe guard your keys?  Who has access to the keys?  How are the keys identified? Where are the keys kept when not in use?

These are all very legitimate concerns..  The safety of your pet is a professional pet sitters top priority but so is the security of you home, keys, and personal information.

When you hire the services of Best in Pet Services, you can be assured that your pet and home will be safe and secure.

How do we safeguard your house keys?

  • Keys are identified with a random numbering system.  They are not marked with your address, pets name, or any information that would associate the key to your home.
  • Keys not in use are kept in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Two keys are kept on file.  Lisa and the pet sitter currently servicing your pets will have access to your house key.

How would keeping your keys on file with a professional pet sitter make your life easier?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County.  We service an eight mile radius from 5th St New Brighton, Pa including areas of New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Beaver, Monaca, and Rochester.