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Secret To A Happy Dog

We love our dogs!  They provide so much love, happiness, and companionship but are our dogs happy?  There is one secret to a happy dog.

The Secret To A Happy Dog

Secret To A Happy Dog

Dogs need more than food, water, housing, and companionship to make them happy.  A content dog needs stimulation to thrive and shine. The secret to a happy dog is daily dog walks.

Daily dog walks provide mental and physical stimulation necessary for a dog’s wellbeing.  Dogs take in the world thru scent.  Being cooped up in the house with time outside confined to a back yard limits your dog’s life experiences resulting in an unhappy dog.

Experiencing new scents, sounds, and sights prevents boredom and unwanted destructive behaviors.  Dogs need a chance to just be dogs.  They need to sniff.  They need to release pent up energy. Daily dog walks will tire your dog out especially mentally.  We all know a tired dog is a good dog but also a happy dog.

Another way daily dog walks make for a happy dog is by creating a stronger bond between you and your dog.  Dogs are happiest when they get to do something fun with their owner.

One of the problems most dog owners face is not having enough time in the day.  There is work, errands, after school activities, household chores. Life demands make it difficult to find time to take our dog for a 20-30 minute walk.


It is not necessary to keep to a rigid daily schedule to benefit your dog.  Some days you may only be able to fit in a quick walk around the block.  That’s ok.  It still gets your dog out.

Another option is to hire a daily dog walker.  This is a great option when you work extremely long hours or have things to do after work.  You can go about your day quilt free knowing your dog is getting a break during the day and doing something fun.

Daily dog walks are the secret to a happy dog.  They also keep your dog healthy.  Now lace up those shoes, leash up the dog and enjoy spending time with your best pal.


Home Alone All Day? Help Your Dog Cope With Loneliness!

Ah, the guilt every morning when you trudge off to work.  It breaks your heart looking into those big, doggie eyes that plead you to stay.

You feel terrible that your dog will be stuck inside for 10 or more hours while you are gone but quitting your job is not an option.

When left alone for long periods of time, dogs become lonely and bored. This is when unwanted behaviors develop. Some signs of loneliness, boredom, or depression are excessive barking and howling, chewing furniture and carpet, accidents, obsessive licking or pulling of the fur.

Home alone all day? Help your dog cope with loneliness! Here are some ways to keep your dog from getting lonesome.

Home Alone All Day? Help Your Dog Cope With Loneliness! 

Give Your Dog Something To Do

Most dogs like some sort of job to do.  Occupy their time by giving them interactive puzzles or a filled Kong. Interactive puzzles are great mental stimulation. They will keep your dog engaged and busy during those long hours. Fill up a Kong with kibble or healthy treats and some broth then freeze.  Your dog will spend all day trying to get to the delicious treats inside. Working on his Kong while you are at work will help keep him from getting bored and missing you.


Before heading out to work, take your dog out for a good morning walk.  Tiring him out will keep him calm during the day.  Your dog will be more relaxed and happier. Not only will your dog benefit from the morning exercise but you will too.  A brisk morning walk will wake you up and get you energized for the day.

Turn On The Radio Or Television

The sounds and voices coming from a radio or television can provide company to your dog.  Hearing the voices will make your dog feel less alone.

Adopt a Companion

Another dog or cat would provide your dog with a companion to interact with during the day.  It is less lonely for your dog when there is another one to hang out with and play with.  Sometimes the right cat can also be a perfect companion for your dog.  Consider adopting  a new friend for your dog from the shelter.  It is a win/win for both your dog and the shelter pet.

Hire A Daily Dog Walker

Investing in a daily dog walker to come in mid day will give your dog something to look forward to everyday. It breaks up the boredom and loneliness of a long day waiting for you to come home.  The dog walker will provide your dog with some exercise, fun, and a much needed potty break.  Your dog will even start to tell time and will be waiting by the door or window in anticipation for your dog walker. Going to work everyday is a necessity but it is not necessary for your dog to suffer from loneliness while you are away.  When your dog is home alone, help your dog cope with loneliness by using some or all of the tips. A tired dog is a happy dog.

Is your dog lonely during the day?  What will you do to help your dog cope with loneliness?

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