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10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

Going away may have you wondering what to do about your cat.  You may be thinking of leaving you cat home alone for a few days with plenty of food and water or having a friend stop by every couple days to check in.  There is a better solution however that provides your cat with better care.  Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional cat sitter.

10 Reasons to Hire A Professional Cat Sitter
10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

1.  Cats Stay Home

One of the best reasons to hire a professional cat sitter is your cat gets to stay at home.  Cats are not particularly fond of being crated and travel to unknown places.

2.  Comfort

Staying in their own familiar surroundings is more comfortable for your cat.  They can sleep in their favorite places and eat in their usual spots. Litter boxes are where they should be.

3.  Less Stress

Trying to get your cat in a carrier to take to a kennel or boarding facility can be quite stressful for your cat.  That is all before you even get there.  At a strange place, your cat may be stressed about other pets, sounds, and even scents. Keeping cats at home will be much less stressful for you and your cat.

4.  Companionship

Hiring a professional pet sitter provides your cat with companionship while you are away.  A pet sitter will devote time to spend to play, pamper, and love your cat.  Even if your cat is quite shy, a professional pet sitter will sit and talk to your cat and entice them to interact.

5.  Routine

Cats prefer routine, especially with meal times. Hiring a professional pet sitter will keep your cat on a similar schedule which they are used to.

6.  Playtime

When you hire a professional pet sitter to take care of your cat, they do more than just put food and water out.  They ensure your cat has attention and play time too.  If your cat is not into toys, then time will be spent talking, cuddling or even swirling a string around.  Cats who don’t like to play still are curious and entertained by watching the pet sitter play with the toys.

7.  Brushing

Proper care of your cat goes beyond just the basics.  Brushing, especially for long haired cats is usually a daily requirement.  Sometimes a friend or family member may not think about this while caring for your cat.

8.  Litter Box Cleaning

Daily litter box cleaning is a must.  If you aren’t having someone look after your cats daily, the litter box is going to get quite full which can result in your cat finding another place to go.  Cats do not like dirty boxes to do their business.  This is not the behavior you want to return to.

9.  Reduce illness or accidents

Staying at home reduces the chance or illness for your cats because they will not be exposed to other pets who may be sick.

Also, having a professional pet sitter visit daily reduces the chance of accidents.  Cats have a way of getting in to binds such as stuck in a closet with the door closed, caught up in blinds, or stuck between furniture.  Some cats like to play with their water and over turn their dish or splash it all out.

10.  Peace of Mind

Another very important reason to hire a professional pet sitter is the peace of mind it will give you.  Going away should be relaxing.  Knowing a professional will be there to provide your cat with basic care, love and affection is well worth it.

When your cats are your babies, you don’t want just anyone entrusted to their care.  


Pet Sitting vs Kennel, Which Is Best For Cats?

Planning to go out of town but not sure what to do about pet care?  There are many options to choose from but it’s important to find the right fit for you and your cat.  This will allow you to travel with ease of mind while providing the least stressful solution for your cat.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats?

Pet Sitting vs kennel, which is best for cats

Pet Sitting

One option for your pet’s care is to hire a cat sitter.  A pet sitter will come to your home one or two times a day to visit your cat. The pet sitter will visit during a specified time frame and provide your cat with all the necessary care but will also spend time playing with and pampering your kitty.

Staying at home in familiar surroundings may be more comforting to your cat.  Cats do not like change. and do much better sticking to normal routines.  Trying to get your cat to the kennel can also be a bit challenging.  Some cats do everything they can to avoid going into the cat carrier.

Pet sitting may be the best choice if:

  • your cat hates changes to their routine and environment
  • it’s difficult to get your cat into a carrier or travel with your cat
  • sleeping in your bed is your cats preference
  • your cat stresses easily
  • has not been exposed to many people or different places
  • you have multiple cats


Another option for pet care is to take your cat to a kennel while you are away. Kennels can vary from a small space to a luxurious suite. There are some situations where a kennel is recommended for your cat rather than pet sitting.  If your cat has severe medical needs then kenneling your cat with your veterinarian would be best.  The staff will be able to closely monitor your kitty’s medical needs and will be better equipped at handling any issues your cat may have.

Pet sitting vs kennel, which would your cat prefer when you are away?




Is It Safe For Your Cat To Stay Home Alone When You Go Away?

If you are planning to go away, you may be wondering what to do with your cat. Many cat owners will put down a big dish of food and bowl of water then leave their cat at home alone. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to be taken outside to relieve themselves so cat owners don’t arrange for someone to come in to visit.

More than half of cat owners in the U.S. believe cats can be left home alone for several days according to a survey done by Royal Canin, the pet food manufacturer.

Leaving your cat at home seems like the solution, right? Is it safe for your cat to stay home alone when you go away?

Is It Safe For Your Cat To Stay Home Alone When You Go Away

It is not recommended for you to leave your cat at home without arranging for someone to come in to visit.  Here are 4 reasons why leaving your cat alone for long periods of time is unsafe.

1.  Cats can become sick or injured.

The number one reason not to leave your cat alone, is cat’s can become sick or injured. It is very      common for cat’s to get urinary blockages.  Blockages happen suddenly and can result in a very painful death. How devastating would it be to come home to a seriously ill or worse dead cat?

2.  No food or water.

Water dishes can spill easily or your cat may eat up all the food in one day.  Your cat could be left for days without food and water.  If the water should not get spilled, it would become stale and filmy. and who wants to drink that?

3.  Stuck in sticky situations.

Cats are curious and mischievous which can cause them to get themselves into sticky situations. They can become tangled in blinds, stuck behind furniture or closed doors without access to food, water, or litter box.

4.  Full, dirty litter boxes.

Full and dirty litter boxes are unhealthy and unsafe for your cat.  If left alone for days, your cat’s box is going to get very full. Even if you leave an extra box, it won’t be long until it has too much waste in it for the cat to have room to relieve himself.  The cat will have no alternative but to go outside the box.  This may result in your cat developing an undesirable behavior of eliminating in other places in your home.

Cats should never be left unattended for more than a day.  For your cats well being, have someone stop in daily to give your cat fresh food, water, and to scoop the litter box. Hiring a professional pet sitter to come in once or twice a day will put your mind at ease.  Knowing your cat is getting some attention, is healthy and comfortable will allow you to enjoy a relaxing time away.

Planning a trip?  Don’t forget to make arrangements for your kitty!

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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter


What’s That Smell? A Pet Sitter’s Crisis With A Sick Pet

Tuesday morning started like all our mornings.  After feeding my pets, I was out the door by 6 am to head to the first pet sit of the day.  Everything as planned.  Two happy dogs greeted me at the door with big tail wags and anxious to get outside.

There was potty time, play time, feeding time, and some belly rubs. Each girl got a treat and I headed off to the next visit.  Another tail wagging greeting by a beautiful black Labrador Retriever.  We went right outside for potty time and back in so she could eat.  As the Lab was eating I headed upstairs to take care of the cat

What’s that smell?  Pet sitter’s crisis with a sick pet.

What's That Smell?  Pet Sitter's Crisis With A Sick Pet

Immediately,  I could smell something. At first I though maybe she went outside her litter box but the odor was not feces or urine.  Pet sitters know these smells well.  She came out from under the bed.  I knew right away something was wrong.  Her mouth smelled terrible. My first thought was she had a bad tooth or abscess.

Now this particular kitty is not the friendliest of girls. She often times likes to hide and will occasionally give a hiss if you get too close. For her to come to me and want me to pet her was very unusual behavior. As I was scratching her neck and trying to get a good glimpse of her mouth, she got very irritated. She was in pain and not happy.  I noticed that she did not eat any food that was in her dish  and did not use the litter box. Nothing in the litter box is always cause for alarm.

Trip to the vet

This girl needed medical attention.  Our first call went to the owner to alert them of their cat’s condition.  The second call was to their regular vet.  Unfortunately, their veterinarian office had no vets available that day and could not see her.  After again talking to the owner, we agreed to try to get her into my vet. She couldn’t wait a day or two to be seen.

Within an hour we were on our way to Beaver Animal Clinic.  They were so wonderful to work with.  We handled all the information over the phone and although they knew this cat went to another local vet, they got her in immediately.  We were able to put the owner on speaker phone during the examination and proceed with her treatment.

Awe, poor kitty

This poor girl had a terrible infection in her mouth. After a shot of antibiotics, steroids, and some blood work we were on our way back to her home.  I made sure she was all settled in and went out for a store trip to pick her up some canned food.  It was important to get her to eat and with her mouth so sore, we thought we would have to result in blending the food and feeding her by syringe.  She felt good enough after the shots to eat and drink on her own.

Extra visits and lots of communication

To help ease the mind of her owners, I made  a couple extra visits to check on her and spend some time with her. We had several telephone conversations throughout the day.  Everyone felt huge relief knowing that this kitty was feeling much better.

Because Beaver Animal Clinic was able to get us in right away, I was able to get the cat medical attention, pick up extra food, and get her home in plenty of time to make it to my afternoon pet visits. If it should have happened that the trip to the veterinarian office took longer and delayed me, we have a back up plan.  One of our qualified sitters would have stepped in to cover the other visits.  Our main concern is the health and well being of the pets in our care.

Sick pets

This is not the first pet emergency we have had. On two other occasions we had to make emergency trips to the veterinarian. One of those times, our sitter spent more than 8 hours at an emergency vet with a dog on a Sunday.  She stayed until the owners were able to arrive at the vets.

While you are away, the last thing you want to do is worry about your pet.  Hiring a  professional pet sitter will put your mind at ease.  Professional pet sitters recognize illness an emergencies with pets in their care and take immediate action.  They have procedures in place for such occasions and back up plans.

Feeling better

Luckily the kitty in our care is recovering and her owners are home .  Her blood work showed no problems with her liver or kidney. She is feeling much better.

Pet Sitter emergency

Feeling better and wanting neck scratches

Have you ever had a pet get sick or need emergency veterinarian care while you were away?



10 Reasons Your Cat Hates Being Left Alone

Many cat owners think nothing of leaving their cat for a few days while they go away. All your cat needs is a big bowl of food, water, and a litter box.  It’s not necessary to have someone come in, or is it?  Leaving your cat at home alone is unsafe.

Cats can get sick suddenly, get trapped or locked behind closed doors, spill water or eat all their food in one day.

Not only is going away and leaving your cat home alone unsafe, your cat does not want to be left alone.  Here are 10 reasons your cat hates being left alone.

10 Reasons Your Cat Hates Being Left Alone


1.   Filmy water

After a few days, water dishes get filmy and slimy.  Your cat would like fresh water daily.  He does not want to drink slimy water.

2.   Stale food

Dry food gets stale when sitting out.  It’s not as appetizing when it sits there for days.  Cats prefer getting fresh food daily.

3.   Nasty litter box

The litter box will fill up quickly if you are gone for a few days.  Your cat likes a clean box daily to do his business.  He does not want to have to resort to going outside the box. This certainly would be an unwanted, unpleasant behavior for you as well.

4.   Likes fresh wet food

It is recommended that cats get wet food daily.  If your cat is left alone, he will not be able to get a fresh meal every day.

5.   No play time

It gets boring playing and chasing those little balls and tossing fake mice in the air alone.  It’s much more fun having someone around to interact with.  Someone who will wave the feather wand around so your cat can run and chase and attack is much more fun for your cat.

6.   No one to scratch ears

With no one around, who will scratch ears and necks?  Your cat loves having daily human contact.

7.   Doesn’t like getting stuck in the closet

Hiding in the closet or drawer is comfy and secure for your cat but unfortunately sometimes doors shut.  The worst thing for your cat is being trapped without access to food, water, and the litter box.

8.   It changes the routine

Cats hate change.  Being left alone, changes the whole routine of your cats day.  They would prefer that someone come in as usual to make sure breakfast and dinner are served as usual.

9.   Can’t hold the brush

Daily brushing feels wonderful to your cat but unfortunately they aren’t able to accomplish this task alone.

10.  Lonely

It’s very lonely for your cat when left alone for several days. Your cat is used to having his family around everyday.  It is isolating and lonesome for your cat when no one is there.  He would like to have some companionship to break up the day.

If you are planning a vacation soon, arrange for someone to come in to care for your cat daily.  Don’t leave your cat alone for long periods of time.  It is not safe for your cat and your cat won’t like spending days alone.

What reason would your cat want to have someone visit while you are away?


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