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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Pet Sitter

Hiring a professional pet sitter may be a new concept to you.  Maybe you just got a new pet or perhaps always relied on family, friends, or neighbors but lately they aren’t available as often as you need them,  There are lots of pet owners who prefer not to kennel so what other options are available?  We will share with you the top 10 reasons to hire a professional pet sitter.

Top 10 reasons to hire a professional pet sitter

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Do not have to burden family, friends, or neighbors

One of the best reasons to hire a professional pet sitter is you no longer have to burden your family, friends, or neighbors.  Having someone you know come in once a day to check on your cat or 3-4 times a day to take care of your dog may not seem to be asking a lot, however this can be a huge imposition.  When you ask someone for this favor, you are asking them to make time in their already busy schedule to care for your pets.  They may even have skip out on events or activities to do so or worse skip out on visiting the pets. 

Another problem with asking is you may have to reciprocate and may not have the time or desire to do so.  Save your relationships by not burdening them with pet sitting.

2.  Pets Stay Home

Pets prefer the safety and familiarity of their own environment.  Taking pets for boarding or kenneling can be stressful.  The new sounds, scents, and routines may cause anxiety in some pets.  This can be especially true for cats. Cats most often do not like to travel and do not like strange places.  Hiring a professional pet sitter to come in daily will help keep pets on their regular schedule.  It will also be less stressful for your pets when they have to be without you if they can stay at home where they feel secure.

3.  Convenient

Another reason to hire a pet sitter is leaving pets at home is convenient for you.  You don’t have to pack up your pets , their food, dishes, bedding, and toys to take to boarding or a kennel facility.  It also saves time by not having to transport your pet.  

professional pet sitter, beaver

4.  Less Stress for you and your pet

Hiring a professional pet sitter to care for your pets will reduce stress for both you and your pet.  Your pet most certainly feels less stress staying at home but you will less stress as well.  Knowing someone who is trustworthy and reliable checking on your pets and home eases your worry about going away. This allows for a much more enjoyable vacation.

5.  Follows pets regular routine

Keeping pets on their regular routine helps reduce your pets stress and anxiety when you are away.  They are used to eating, sleeping, playing at certain times of the day.  A professional pet sitter understands the importance of pets following their regular routine and will closely follow your instructions for care. When there are no disruptions to a pets regular schedule, they are much happier.

6.  Reliable

A professional pet sitter is reliable due to pet sitting is their livelihood and reputation is at stake. Professional pet sitters are going to show up when they say they are.  They will spend the requested amount of time with your pet.  They honor their commitments and don’t back out at the last minute leaving you stuck. 

7.  Someone to rely on when faced with and emergency

We highly recommend building a relationship with a professional pet sitter. This is so you have someone you can count on when faced with an emergency.  Everyone at one time or another faces an emergency, an unexpected hospitalization, illness, accident,  or a death in the family.  This is not a time to frantically search for someone or to worry about if your pets are being taken care of.  

8.  Trained and Insured

A trained, insured pet sitter is the best choice when choosing a pet care provider.  When dealing with pets, there is always a chance that something unexpected can happen.  A trained professional pet sitter knows how to deal with unexpected situations that arise.  Everyone assumes caring for pets is easy but this is not always the case.  Outside, pets encounter other non friendly pets, pets become ill, and some pets have accidents.  A family member or neighbor may not know what to do or fail to recognize if your pet is ill. 

9.  Home is also looked after

Not only will a professional pet sitter take exceptional care of your pets but will also look after your home.  Having someone visit the home daily offers additional security. Lights will be turned on and off, mail and newspapers picked up, and a car in the driveway.  

10.  Peace of Mind

Probably the most important reason to hire a professional pet sitter is peace of mind.  When you don’t have to worry about your pets, your time away is much more relaxed.

Of the top 10 reasons to hire a professional pet sitter, which would benefit you the most?

If pet sitting in your home is new to you, we would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.  Best in Pet Services has a range of options to fit all your pet care needs.  Check out our services for a more detailed list.  Please contact us with any questions or to talk about your pets.  We always love to talk about pets! 


10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

Going away may have you wondering what to do about your cat.  You may be thinking of leaving you cat home alone for a few days with plenty of food and water or having a friend stop by every couple days to check in.  There is a better solution however that provides your cat with better care.  Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional cat sitter.

10 Reasons to Hire A Professional Cat Sitter
10 Reasons To Hire A Professional Cat Sitter

1.  Cats Stay Home

One of the best reasons to hire a professional cat sitter is your cat gets to stay at home.  Cats are not particularly fond of being crated and travel to unknown places.

2.  Comfort

Staying in their own familiar surroundings is more comfortable for your cat.  They can sleep in their favorite places and eat in their usual spots. Litter boxes are where they should be.

3.  Less Stress

Trying to get your cat in a carrier to take to a kennel or boarding facility can be quite stressful for your cat.  That is all before you even get there.  At a strange place, your cat may be stressed about other pets, sounds, and even scents. Keeping cats at home will be much less stressful for you and your cat.

4.  Companionship

Hiring a professional pet sitter provides your cat with companionship while you are away.  A pet sitter will devote time to spend to play, pamper, and love your cat.  Even if your cat is quite shy, a professional pet sitter will sit and talk to your cat and entice them to interact.

5.  Routine

Cats prefer routine, especially with meal times. Hiring a professional pet sitter will keep your cat on a similar schedule which they are used to.

6.  Playtime

When you hire a professional pet sitter to take care of your cat, they do more than just put food and water out.  They ensure your cat has attention and play time too.  If your cat is not into toys, then time will be spent talking, cuddling or even swirling a string around.  Cats who don’t like to play still are curious and entertained by watching the pet sitter play with the toys.

7.  Brushing

Proper care of your cat goes beyond just the basics.  Brushing, especially for long haired cats is usually a daily requirement.  Sometimes a friend or family member may not think about this while caring for your cat.

8.  Litter Box Cleaning

Daily litter box cleaning is a must.  If you aren’t having someone look after your cats daily, the litter box is going to get quite full which can result in your cat finding another place to go.  Cats do not like dirty boxes to do their business.  This is not the behavior you want to return to.

9.  Reduce illness or accidents

Staying at home reduces the chance or illness for your cats because they will not be exposed to other pets who may be sick.

Also, having a professional pet sitter visit daily reduces the chance of accidents.  Cats have a way of getting in to binds such as stuck in a closet with the door closed, caught up in blinds, or stuck between furniture.  Some cats like to play with their water and over turn their dish or splash it all out.

10.  Peace of Mind

Another very important reason to hire a professional pet sitter is the peace of mind it will give you.  Going away should be relaxing.  Knowing a professional will be there to provide your cat with basic care, love and affection is well worth it.

When your cats are your babies, you don’t want just anyone entrusted to their care.  


Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter

Going away is exciting but can also be nerve racking  with worry about leaving our pet behind.  It doesn’t have to be so worrisome.  One of the best options is to leave your pet home with a pet sitter.  Most pets prefer staying at home if they can’t go.  Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a pet sitter.

Top 5 reasons to hire a pet sitter

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Pet Sitter


1.  Comfort of Home

Home is where your pet is most comfortable.  They know where to eat, sleep, and relax.  Your pet feels safe and secure at home.  Everything is familiar.  At home your pet does not have to experience a strange environment, other pets, or scents and sounds therefore making your absence less stressful.

2.  Convenient

Hiring a pet sitter is convenient for you.  This is especially true if you have multiple pets.  Trying to get all the pets and the necessary supplies loaded up for travel or to take to a kennel is a chore. 

3.  Less Stress

Staying at home is less stressful for your pets.  Pets like the familiarity of their routing and surroundings.  Some pets become very anxious when left in a new environment especially if you aren’t there with them.  Cats do not usually do well with boarding or kenneling.  They prefer their own home.

4.  No Imposition on Family & Friends

Although having a friend, neighbor, or family member care for your pet is much cheaper than hiring a pet sitter.  Having someone commit to visiting your pet several times while you are away can be a huge imposition.  They may also lack the knowledge and experience in knowing what to do if your pet becomes ill or injured.

5.  Peace of Mind

The  most important reason to hire a pet sitter is peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.  An experienced, professional pet sitter is reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable regarding pet care.  Going away shouldn’t be stressful for you or your pet. A pet sitter will show up, when they say they will, and will provide the utmost care and love for your pet.  They will also keep in contact with you while you are away to ease your mind.

If you are planning a trip, we recommend hiring a professional pet sitter. Having the right person care for your pet will make going away easier and more relaxing for both you and your pet.

Do you need a pet sitter?

Best in Pet Services provides professional dog walking and pet sitting.  Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule your pet sitter or dog walker.  Our service area includes Beaver, New Brighton, Monaca, Rochester, and Beaver Falls, and some surrounding areas.







Best Pet Care Option For Multiple Pet Households

If you have a house full of pets, you may wonder how to go on a trip leaving them behind.  Asking family, friends, or neighbors to stop in to take care of them is a huge imposition.  The best pet care option for multiple pet households is to hire a professional pet sitter.
Best Pet Care Option for Multiple Pet Households

Best Pet Care Option for Multiple Pet Households



Cost is one reason hiring a pet sitter is the best pet care option for multiple pet households.  Hiring a pet sitter will be less costly than trying to kennel or board.  Most pet sitters charge by time. Although having multiple pets may require a longer visit, it will be cheaper than paying per each pet at a kennel.


Hiring a pet sitter will be much more convenient for you.  Pets stay at home so there is no burdensome task of trying to gather all the pet supplies and transport pets to the kennel or boarding facility. Preparing for vacation will be much easier without worrying about dropping pets off somewhere.


All pets are more comfortable at home.    This is where their pet companions are.  This is where they sleep and eat.  They feel safe and secure at home.  Multiple pet households have each other for companionship so it’s not as lonely for them when you go away.


Most pets have a favorite place to rest. Each pet knows where their food dish is.  There is a routine of when to get up, eat, go outside, and go to bed.  This familiarity provides a sense of belonging and security. Everything about home is familiar to your pets, especially the scent, sounds, and other household members.

New environments can cause pets to become stressed and anxious.  They don’t know what to do or where to go, This uncertainty, therefore, may cause your pet to be uncomfortable, uneasy, or fearful.  This is especially true if pets must be separated.  Most kennels may be able to house one or two pets together but three or more is unlikely.

New sounds, scents and other unfamiliar pets can cause your pets severe anxiety.  The stress of this unfamiliar territory may also lead to appetite loss, diarrhea, or illness.

Having multiple pets shouldn’t prevent you from taking a vacation.  Call a professional pet sitter to schedule a consultation so you can arrange time away.  Having a reliable, trustworthy pet sitter will put your mind at ease.

Contact a pet sitter today so your next vacation will be relaxing and worry free.




Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Dog Walker

Spending a long day at home while you are away can be tough on your dog.  It can be lonely and boring, especially for an active, younger dog. If your dog is spending 8 plus hours a day, home alone, you may want to consider these top 5 reasons to hire a dog walker.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Dog Walker

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Dog Walker


1.  Elimination

The most important reason to hire a dog walker is to allow your dog a break in the day to eliminate.  Spending hours without a potty break is quite uncomfortable for your dog.  Although some dogs can hold it for hours, it’s not healthy for your dog.  Try it and see if you can go all day without a break.  It is not pleasant.

2.  Exercise

Hiring a dog walker provides your dog with daily exercise.  If you are working long hours, chances are your dog is not getting enough exercise on a daily basis.  After a long day of work and household chores and errands, getting the dog out can be a difficult task.

3.  Mental Stimulation

Daily walks for your dog provide more than just exercise.  Daily walks allow your dog to explore the outside world through sight, scent, and sound.  This mental stimulation is necessary for your dog to lead a healthy, happy life.  Being inside all day or confined to a fenced in back yard doesn’t provide your dog with adequate stimulation which could result in unwanted behaviors such as chewing, digging, barking, or destroying furniture.

4.  Socialization

Hiring a dog walker helps your dog become more social.  Walks around the neighborhood provide and excellent way for your dog to see other dogs & cats as well as neighbors.  A social dog is much happier and better behaved.

5.  Convenience

Not only does hiring a dog walker provide you with peace of mind, it is also convenient.  Although you know your dog could use a lunch time break, it is often not feasible for you to rush home on your lunch break to let the dog out.  This rushes both you and your dog and is not enjoyable for either.

There may also be times when you have to work late or run errands after work. Having someone come every day will ease your mind knowing your dog will be taken care of.  Hiring a dog walker is a huge benefit to your dog but to you as well saving you time and relieving guilt.


Does your dog need a dog walker?


Best in Pet Services provides professional dog walking and pet sitting. Contact us to learn more about our services or to schedule your dog walker or pet sitter.  Our service area includes Beaver, New Brighton, Monaca, Rochester, and Beaver Falls, and some surrounding areas.