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Help Rehoming Pets In Beaver County

Being in the pet care industry, we often get requests for help rehoming pets. These are desperate pleas to help find homes or temporary housing for a beloved dog, cat,  or sometimes even several pets.

Help rehoming pets


Who needs help rehoming pets?

This really saddens us!  The calls aren’t because the pet owners suddenly tired of their pets or can’t handle them.  These calls are pet owners who love their pets! It may cross your mind that if they loved their pet so much why are they getting rid of him.

Some of the situations these pet owners are facing are dire. It could be a loss of a home, owner’s death or being placed in a nursing home, loss of income,  or maybe illness. Surely I would like to think that I would never re-home my pets under any circumstances but unpredictable circumstances can occur.  If I died tomorrow, I doubt very much my family would be capable of taking my pets.

There are times and situations rehoming a pet is in the best interest of the pet. Unfortunately, we experience this way too often.  As much as we want to help everyone, we are at limits to what we can do. Over the past few years, I taken in a Pug, Boxer, 2 Chihuahuas, an African Grey, and a Guinea Pig.

We try to do our best to reach out to our community, other rescues, and several of our clients who foster. Most of the resources we know however are at their limit with their own pets and fosters. We will continue to help if we can but there are other resources available that may be better equipped of finding or fostering a pet for you.

Where to get help rehoming pets in Beaver County

Beaver County Humane Society 724-775-5801

Animal Friends (412) 847-7000

Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center (412) 345-7300

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society (412) 321-4625

Gentle Ben’s Giant Breed Rescue 412-841-2590

Roman’s Rescue   contact info (click on link)





How Much Notice Is Needed To Book Pet Sitting Service?

When we receive new inquiries for pet care, we are often asked how much notice is needed to book pet sitting service. We surely understand that life can’t always be perfectly planned and unexpected events happen.

A death, hospital stay, working late, or a last minute chance for a weekend getaway may leave you scrambling for pet care. Is it possible for a pet sitter to accommodate last minute requests?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service


Improve Your Chances

To improve your chances for last minute pet care, it is suggested that you establish a relationship with a pet sitter before the unexpected happens. A pet sitting service is much more likely to be able to fit your request in if they already have all your information, a signed contract, house keys, and have previously met you and your pets.

No Guarantee

This however does not guarantee your pet sitter will be available.   If your pet sitter operates as a solo operation with no employees, independent contractors, or incidental help, they may not be able to fit you in so easily.

A pet sitting business who operates with staff may have more availability but they too at times have to turn away last minute requests. Professional pet sitters only accept a certain number of reservations per day in order to provide the best care for your pets. When the schedule is filled, any other service requests must be denied.

Plan In Advance When Possible

Most pet sitting clients reserve care for their pets well in advance, especially during summer and holidays.  This is a very busy time for pet sitters and the schedule fills up quickly.

If you do have an emergency or an opportunity to get out of town for a few days, you should still call your pet sitter.  They may be able to rearrange their schedule. Be prepared though that some times your pet sitter will have to tell you no, unfortunately they just can’t squeeze in one more pet visit. Offering to pay double will not help.  When schedules are full they are full and a professional pet sitter will not shorten those pet visits that were booked in advance to fit in more.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed last minute pet care?  What did you do?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County, PA. Our pet sitters and dog walkers are available in Beaver, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Monaca, Rochester, and surrounding areas.



How To Help Your Dog’s Back To School Blues

Summer is coming to an end.  Vacations will soon be over and the kids will go back to school.  Suddenly being alone could cause your dog’s  back to school blues.

During the summer months, there is more time to spend with your dog.  Longer days, time off, and nice weather allows your dog to be more active with the family.  When you are at work and the kids at school all day, your dog may become depressed, lonely, and bored.  He misses his family.

How To Help Your Dog’s Back To School Blues.

How to help your dog's back to school blues

Hire a professional dog walker.

Break up the long day by hiring a professional dog walker.  A dog walker will come mid day to take your dog out for a walk.  This provides your dog with a much needed break and some exercise.  Your dog will be so excited for the company but more for the walk.  All dogs know the word “walk” because it’s exciting and stimulating.

Take and early morning walk.

Get up early to spend some time with your dog before everyone leaves for the day.  Not only will the exercise be a great start to your day, it will help your dog release energy.  He will be calmer and more relaxed during the day. This will also help prevent unwanted, destructive behavior from boredom or pent up energy.

Leave fun toys or treats.

Interactive toys or special treats will keep your dog busy while you are gone.  Your dog will associate you leaving as something good.  This helps reduce your dogs stress and anxiety of you not being around.  Make sure to rotate toys so your dog doesn’t become bored with them.

What will you do to help your dog beat the back to school blues?

Best in Pet Services provides dog walking and pet sitting in Beaver County. The service area includes, New Brighton, Beaver, Beaver Falls, Rochester, Monaca, and surrounding areas.



3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

Are you concerned about leaving your house key on file with a pet sitter?  Knowing the system your pet sitter has in place and the benefits may help put your mind at ease.

Here are 3 reasons to keep keys on file with a professional pet sitter.

3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Convenience

When you leave your keys on file with Best in Pet Services, all you have to do is call, email, or use our online scheduling system to book your service request.  You won’t have to make special arrangements for key pick up or return in your already busy schedule.

2. Emergencies

You might have to work late or leave town suddenly. Best in Pet Services can more easily accommodate last minute requests when client keys are kept on file.

3.  Cost

Eliminates the fee for a key pick up or drop off fee.  Most professional pet sitters do charge for this.  Picking up and dropping off keys requires additional trips for the pet sitter.  Not only does it take up a time slot that could be used to care for someone’s pets, it is an additional expense. Best in Pet Services must pay employees for all time worked which includes trips to collect or return keys and reimburse for mileage expense.

Before handing over your keys to any pet sitter there are some things you should ask. How does the pet sitter safe guard your keys?  Who has access to the keys?  How are the keys identified? Where are the keys kept when not in use?

These are all very legitimate concerns..  The safety of your pet is a professional pet sitters top priority but so is the security of you home, keys, and personal information.

When you hire the services of Best in Pet Services, you can be assured that your pet and home will be safe and secure.

How do we safeguard your house keys?

  • Keys are identified with a random numbering system.  They are not marked with your address, pets name, or any information that would associate the key to your home.
  • Keys not in use are kept in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Two keys are kept on file.  Lisa and the pet sitter currently servicing your pets will have access to your house key.

How would keeping your keys on file with a professional pet sitter make your life easier?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County.  We service an eight mile radius from 5th St New Brighton, Pa including areas of New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Beaver, Monaca, and Rochester.



Beaver County Dog Walk Meetup

We are very excited to start the dog walk meetup in Beaver County.

The Beaver County dog walk meetup kicks off on Sat, May 9, 2015 in Beaver, PA. Dog lovers can meet  every Saturday to socialize and get their dogs out walking. Each week a new location will be announced so that dogs can experience new environments. The weekly events are  posted on the Best in Pet Services Facebook page.

Why did we start the Beaver County dog walk meetup?

Beaver county Dog Walk Meetup
As professional pet sitters, we see many dogs who do not have a chance to get out for daily walks.  Pet owners have extremely busy schedules.  Working a full day, after school activities, housework and yard work leave little time to walk the dog.

Walking the dog has so many benefits to both the pet owner and the dog.  The group was started to encourage pet owners to get into a regular habit of walking their dog. (3 Reasons To Walk Your Dog Daily)

Why is walking your dog so important?

Dogs experience new surroundings. Getting out to sniff around and take in new scenery stimulates your dog mentally and physically.  Stimulating your dogs senses helps prevent boredom which often causes unwanted, destructive behavior.

Socialized pets.  Dog walking helps to socialize your dog especially in a dog walk meet up group.  Your dog will meet other people and pets while out walking.  Not only does your dog get to enjoy socializing with others, you will too.

Exercise.  Daily exercise for you and your pet help keep the unwanted pounds off. Staying active improves the health for you and your pet. (Dog Walking, does It Improve Your Dog’s Health?) It also helps release energy for highly active dogs.  A tired dog is a happy dog.

Stronger bond with your dog.  Spending time together strengthens the bond you have.  Your dog will want to be with you even more when you do fun things together.

Fun. Getting out in the fresh air with friends is fun and it’s free. Anytime we can spend time with our pets and good friends enriches our lives.

Will you and your dog be coming to the next Beaver County dog walk meetup?

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