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Is It Safe For Your Cat To Stay Home Alone When You Go Away?

If you are planning to go away, you may be wondering what to do with your cat. Many cat owners will put down a big dish of food and bowl of water then leave their cat at home alone. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to be taken outside to relieve themselves so cat owners don’t arrange for someone to come in to visit.

More than half of cat owners in the U.S. believe cats can be left home alone for several days according to a survey done by Royal Canin, the pet food manufacturer.

Leaving your cat at home seems like the solution, right? Is it safe for your cat to stay home alone when you go away?

Is It Safe For Your Cat To Stay Home Alone When You Go Away

It is not recommended for you to leave your cat at home without arranging for someone to come in to visit.  Here are 4 reasons why leaving your cat alone for long periods of time is unsafe.

1.  Cats can become sick or injured.

The number one reason not to leave your cat alone, is cat’s can become sick or injured. It is very      common for cat’s to get urinary blockages.  Blockages happen suddenly and can result in a very painful death. How devastating would it be to come home to a seriously ill or worse dead cat?

2.  No food or water.

Water dishes can spill easily or your cat may eat up all the food in one day.  Your cat could be left for days without food and water.  If the water should not get spilled, it would become stale and filmy. and who wants to drink that?

3.  Stuck in sticky situations.

Cats are curious and mischievous which can cause them to get themselves into sticky situations. They can become tangled in blinds, stuck behind furniture or closed doors without access to food, water, or litter box.

4.  Full, dirty litter boxes.

Full and dirty litter boxes are unhealthy and unsafe for your cat.  If left alone for days, your cat’s box is going to get very full. Even if you leave an extra box, it won’t be long until it has too much waste in it for the cat to have room to relieve himself.  The cat will have no alternative but to go outside the box.  This may result in your cat developing an undesirable behavior of eliminating in other places in your home.

Cats should never be left unattended for more than a day.  For your cats well being, have someone stop in daily to give your cat fresh food, water, and to scoop the litter box. Hiring a professional pet sitter to come in once or twice a day will put your mind at ease.  Knowing your cat is getting some attention, is healthy and comfortable will allow you to enjoy a relaxing time away.

Planning a trip?  Don’t forget to make arrangements for your kitty!

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