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How To Help Your Dog’s Back To School Blues

Summer is coming to an end.  Vacations will soon be over and the kids will go back to school.  Suddenly being alone could cause your dog’s  back to school blues.

During the summer months, there is more time to spend with your dog.  Longer days, time off, and nice weather allows your dog to be more active with the family.  When you are at work and the kids at school all day, your dog may become depressed, lonely, and bored.  He misses his family.

How To Help Your Dog’s Back To School Blues.

How to help your dog's back to school blues

Hire a professional dog walker.

Break up the long day by hiring a professional dog walker.  A dog walker will come mid day to take your dog out for a walk.  This provides your dog with a much needed break and some exercise.  Your dog will be so excited for the company but more for the walk.  All dogs know the word “walk” because it’s exciting and stimulating.

Take and early morning walk.

Get up early to spend some time with your dog before everyone leaves for the day.  Not only will the exercise be a great start to your day, it will help your dog release energy.  He will be calmer and more relaxed during the day. This will also help prevent unwanted, destructive behavior from boredom or pent up energy.

Leave fun toys or treats.

Interactive toys or special treats will keep your dog busy while you are gone.  Your dog will associate you leaving as something good.  This helps reduce your dogs stress and anxiety of you not being around.  Make sure to rotate toys so your dog doesn’t become bored with them.

What will you do to help your dog beat the back to school blues?

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