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Beware! Hiring An Underpriced Pet Sitter Hurts!

Choosing the right pet sitter may seem a bit overwhelming.  Your pet is part of your family and you want to be sure that whoever you choose is going to provide quality care. Reliability and trust are the first qualities to look for in a pet sitter. Many pet owners first look at how much a pet sitter charges.  Beware of hiring an underpriced pet sitter , it can hurt you in the long run.


Underpriced pet sitters

Beware! Hiring An Underpriced Pet Sitter Hurts!

Undervalue service and time

Pet sitter’s who do not charge enough for services later become resentful and burn out.  When a pet sitter undervalues their service and time, the quality of care or time provided often suffers. In an effort to compensate, the frustrated pet sitter may over book services or cut timed visits short. Some pet sitters do not consider expenses and travel time when they price their services.  This results in very little profit to the pet sitter. When pet sitters undervalue their service and time, they will start to cut corners or call it quits. 

Not around very long

Underpriced pet sitters usually do not stick around very long. You may have found the most loving, caring person but if they are not making enough to sustain themselves eventually they will look for other opportunities.  There are some who take on pet sitting as a hobby. It seems like an easy way to make some extra money .  This is only a temporary solution and they aren’t going to be in this for the long haul. 


Contrary to popular belief, pet sitting is not an easy job therefore should not be undervalued.  Pet sitters work long hours, most nights, weekends, & holidays,and drive endless miles.  Pet sitters do not receive paid sick days or vacation days. This can lead to burn out for many pet sitters, but it is especially true if the service is not valued.

Not insured or bonded

If a pet sitter is not charging enough, then it is likely they are not going to be able to afford liability insurance and bonding.  This is something that should not be ignored. Things happen! The last thing you want to do is have to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a mishap. 

It’s is so often very true, you get what you pay for.  Price absolutely should be a consideration when choosing a pet sitter but not the first. Reliability and trust are most important.  

Do you really want to risk that for a few bucks?



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