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Do Puppies Need A Dog Walker?

It is a very exciting time when a new puppy becomes a member of our family.  Along with the fun and love of a puppy is responsibility, training, and adjustments. Life doesn’t stop because a new puppy joined the family. You will still have to go to work, kids to school, and there will be social gatherings to attend as well as errands to run. What will you do with your puppy? Do puppies need a dog walker?

When you first bring home your puppy, it is recommended that you introduce your puppy to a crate right away.  A crate will protect your puppy and belongings when your puppy can’t be supervised. It will also help with house training. Your puppy will learn and associate the crate as a safe haven offering security and comfort if introduced and used correctly.

Do puppies need a dog walker?


Do Puppies Need A Dog Walker

Puppies should not be left for extended, long periods of time in their crate.  If you are going to be gone all day then have someone come in and provide your puppy with play time, exercise, socialization, and a chance to relieve themselves.

Hiring a dog walker/pet sitter to come in one or two times per day while you are at work will keep your puppy on a house training schedule.   This is also allows your puppy to have play time and socialization.  Companionship during the day will help alleviate boredom and loneliness for your puppy.

Puppies under 16 weeks should be confined to their yard until they have all  vaccinations and precautions of protecting them from illness and parasites.  A professional pet sitter will know how to engage your puppy with fun and games until they are old enough to venture out for daily walks.

How will hiring a dog walker or pet sitter benefit your puppy?

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