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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Beneful Dog Food

There has been a new class action lawsuit filed against Beneful dog food made by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company earlier this month in California claiming Beneful dog food is poisoning and killing dogs.

This is not the first time concerns about the Nestle Purina Beneful food harming pets has been in the limelight.  Over 3,000 complaints  in the last 4 years were filed online by vets and consumers about their pets becoming ill or dying.  Two class action lawsuits against Beneful were also filed in previous years but were dismissed. There have also been over 800 reviews on of dogs getting sick and some even dying.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Beneful dog food

Image Source Nestle Purina

The complaints all include these consistent symptoms:

  • vomitting
  • diarrhea
  • stomach and internal bleeding
  • weight loss
  • dehydration
  • liver malfunction or failure
  • kidney failure
  • bloating
  • seizures




Frank  Lucido started feeding his 3 dogs the Purina Beneful brand late last year or early January 2015. Soon after, he started noticing problems with his German Shepherd with hair loss and an unusual odor, and then the dog becoming violently ill according to  Upon veterinary examination, it was found the dog had internal bleeding.

Just 8 days after Lucido’s German Shepherd becoming ill, his wife found their English Bulldog dead in the yard.  The veterinary post- mortem exam also revealed internal bleeding and lesions on the liver and stomach.

The Lucido’s Labrador also became ill.  After hearing of all the other complaints, Frank Lucido filed in the US District court a lawsuit against Nestle Purina PetCare Company.

Beneful dog food contains propylene glycol and mycotoxins.  Propylene glycol is a automotive component that is toxic to cats and dogs.  Mycotoxins are poisonous components of fungus found in grains  and commonly know as molds.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Beneful Dog Food

According to, the lawsuit covers two classes.

The class action lawsuit cites the Association for Truth In Pet Food, which tested “Beneful Original and found that it contained dangerous levels of mycotoxins.”

Lucido is looking to represent two classes — a nationwide class and a California subclass for dog owners “who purchased Beneful dog food in the past four years and who incurred any out of pocket costs due to illness, injury or death of their dog resulting from the ingestion of Beneful.”

The Beneful toxic dog food class action lawsuit is charging Nestle Purina with breach of implied warranty, breach of express warranty, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, strict products liability, violating California’s consumer legal remedies act, violating California’s Unfair Competition Law, and violating California’s False Advertising Law.

If you have been feeding your pet Beneful, here are the symptoms to watch for: 

Class Action Lawsuit Nestle Purina Beneful Line

Image Source: Nestle Purina – The Beneful Line

  • Vomitting
  • Diarrhea
  • Becoming Lethargic
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Seizures

If your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms, call your veterinarian immediately.


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