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Why Pet Sitters Don’t Guarantee Exact Visit Times!

If you are hiring a pet sitter, one of the questions you might have is what time will the pet sitter visit your pets.  This is a very reasonable question. Of course you want to have an idea of when to expect the pet sitter to arrive and about how long they will be with your pets.

You may want your pet to keep to their regular routine and expect your pet sitter to visit at an exact time. Other than in circumstances where your pet needs medication, most pet sitters do not guarantee an exact time but will provide a time window.

Here is why pet sitters don’t guarantee exact visit times!

Why Pet Sitters Don't Guarantee exact Visit Times

Lots of furry friends to visit

Pet sitters visit multiple pet homes everyday. Some of those pet visits may be in your area or the pet sitter may be on the opposite side of town. Pet sitters try to arrange their schedule for the least amount of driving time as possible. Pet sitters will arrange their schedules based on location and requested times of pet visits so as not to go back and forth between different areas. We like to spend most of our time with pets and not on the road.

Some just need a little extra time

Pet Sitters may be delayed at a previous pet visit, because of traffic, or unexpected emergency. Sometimes pets have accidents that need cleaned up or may need a little extra time for potty or cuddles. Your pet sitter will stay to make sure all the pets needs are properly met.


With so much driving around town, your pet sitter will certainly run into construction, traffic, or an occasional accident. As much as the pet sitter plans for travel time, there are times that these scenerio’s can put the pet sitter behind schedule.


There are also times when an unexpected emergency occurs, pet needs to go to a vet, a client needs to be hospitalized or has a death in the family and needs emergency pet visits. Most pet sitters will do what they can to accommodate an emergency for long standing clients and may need to rearrange the schedule a bit.


If your pet is on medication or has special needs, clearly discuss those needs with your pet sitter. There are some pets such as diabetic pets who do require an exact time for the pet visit.  Your pet sitter will arrange  exact time visits  for pets with special requirements.

Have you ever worried about what time your pet sitter visits your pets?



Policies for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Please take time to review Best in Pet Services 2015 policies for

pet sitting and dog walking.

Policies for pet sitting and dog walking

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

 Effective July 1, 2015


All reservations, changes, and cancellations must be communicated through the Best in Pet Services office either by phone or through our online scheduling system.

We understand that texting and contacting us thru Facebook is convenient for you but we are out visiting pets all day and not in front of our schedule. So that we do not miss booking your service, please use online scheduling. No reservations are confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from us. Please confirm your schedule with us at least 3 days prior to your departure. These systems are in place so that no pet visits are missed. Online scheduling is available 24/7. Reservations are not confirmed until approved by Best in Pet Services.

Please send text or call to check on your pets while you are away during our office hours.

For services requested 24 hours or less, there will be a $5 charge per visit. Based on availability


Effective July. 1 2015, office hours will be as follows.

Mon thru Thurs: 8 am to 8 pm

Fri, Sat, Sun: 9 am to 3 pm

We will check for emergencies but all other calls after office hours will be returned the following business day. Thank you for respecting our time when we are off or with our own family and pets.


Payment Policy:

 All payment for pet sitting is due prior to Client’s departure date.

We accept local checks and PayPal.

Mail Checks to: Best in Pet Services PO Box 191, New Brighton, PA 15066.

Reservations made 7 days or less prior to Client’s service date are required to make payment in full thru PayPal.

Payment in full is due at time of reservation for first time Clients. Reservations will not be confirmed until payment is received.

For established Clients, payment in full is due at the Best in Pet Services office 7 days prior to the Client’s service date… If payment is not received prior to Client’s service date as stated above, Best in Pet Services reserves the right to cancel requested visits and client will be responsible for finding alternate care for their pets.

There will be a $20 late payment fee charged for all payments not received as stated above when service is provided.


Returned check fee is $40


Cancellation Policy:

Reservations are made to secure Client’s service dates and to plan and guarantee sitter availability for Client’s reservation dates. Best in Pet Services only accepts a certain number of reservations per day in order to provide the best care for your pets. When our schedule is filled, Best in Pet Services must decline other Client service request for those dates. Best in Pet Services understands that changes occur, we will do our best to accommodate changing schedules. Please notify Best in Pet Services as soon as possible of any changes so that we can service other Clients.


No refunds or credit for cancellations of 24 hours or less notice of start of service. This includes early arrivals home or late departures. NO REFUNDS will be issued for any cancellations. If you cancel service with at least a 2 day notice, credit will be applied to your account for the amount received.


Daily dog walking and mid-day services No refunds or credits for our discounted flat rate monthly service. For monthly service at regular rates, BIPS must be notified by 8 am of cancellations for that day to receive a credit on account. No credit will be given for notifications made after 8 am.


Referrals are the greatest compliment. When your friends, family, or colleagues book and pay for service with us, you will receive a credit of $25 and your referral receives a credit of $25 to use toward next service as a thank you.

Requirements for Pet Visits:

Cats All cats must be seen at least once in a 24 hour period.  For the safety and well being of your cat, we do not offer every other day cat visits.

Dogs There is a 3 visit minimum during a 24 hour period for dog care.  We often get requests to visit dogs twice per day but it is unfair to your dog to make them hold it for 12 hours at a time for days while you are away.  This is not advised for health reasons.

Sharing Pet Visits with Family or Friends:

Due to liability, Best in Pet Services does not share pet sitting visits with other individuals.  We will not provide part of the pet sitting services while others come in during any time to care for your pets while you are away.  This puts us in an awkward position. We have encountered too many unpleasant situations trying to work this out and no longer offer this type of arrangement.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Rates:

Best in Pet Services will spend as much time as necessary to ensure your pet is well taken care of and has extra play time and pampering while you are away. We pride ourselves on spending quality time with your pets. Please select appropriate amount of time for your pets.

 Pet Sitting

  • 20 minutes – $20 per visit (1-2 pets only)
  • 30 minutes – $23 per visit
  • 45 minutes – $27 per visit
  • 60 minutes – $30 per visit
  • 3 or more consecutive hours – $24 per hour (for pets that need someone to hang out with them for some tv time or extended visits. Minimum 3 hours)
  • 10 hour overnights. 9 pm to 7 am – $85 per night (Limited availability)

24 hours or less notice – Add $5 per visit

No credits or refunds for services cancelled less than 24 hours even if service was booked less than 24 hours.
Dog Walking or Mid –Day potty break    (Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 4:00 pm)

Must be scheduled same days per week on an ongoing weekly schedule. If inclement weather poses a danger to walking the dog, we will provide outside potty break and inside play time or the dog walk can be rescheduled for another time.

New Flat Monthly Rate Discounted service – No Refunds or Credits

Must be scheduled same days per week on an ongoing weekly schedule with a minimum 3 months of service.

Payment due the first of the month. 20-25 Minutes

  •  5 days per week – $350 per month
  • 4 days per week – $300 per month
  • 3 days per week – $225 per month
  • 2 days per week – $150 per month


Regular Dog Walking Rates (Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm)

 Must be scheduled same days per week on an ongoing weekly schedule.

Payment due the first of the month. Cancellations must be received by 8 am to receive

credit for the day.

  • 15 minutes – $18 per visit (quick let out for potty in yard – no walk)
  • 30 minutes – $20 per visit


Holidays $5 per each visit

New Year’s Eve                      New Year’s Day                     Easter Sunday             Memorial Day

Independence Day      Labor Day                   Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve Day     Christmas Day


Key Pickup/Drop off $15/each

Returned check fee $40

Travel Charges 0-8 miles free                        8.5-12 miles – add $5 per visit

We use to look up miles from your home to our office at 5th Street in New Brighton, PA. Services outside of the area cannot always be accommodated.

Prices are subject to change and can be adjusted per individual needs.

Best in pet services provides professional dog walking and pet sitting in Beaver, New Brighton, Monaca, Rochester, and Beaver Falls, PA.




How Much Notice Is Needed To Book Pet Sitting Service?

When we receive new inquiries for pet care, we are often asked how much notice is needed to book pet sitting service. We surely understand that life can’t always be perfectly planned and unexpected events happen.

A death, hospital stay, working late, or a last minute chance for a weekend getaway may leave you scrambling for pet care. Is it possible for a pet sitter to accommodate last minute requests?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service?

How much notice is needed to book pet sitting service


Improve Your Chances

To improve your chances for last minute pet care, it is suggested that you establish a relationship with a pet sitter before the unexpected happens. A pet sitting service is much more likely to be able to fit your request in if they already have all your information, a signed contract, house keys, and have previously met you and your pets.

No Guarantee

This however does not guarantee your pet sitter will be available.   If your pet sitter operates as a solo operation with no employees, independent contractors, or incidental help, they may not be able to fit you in so easily.

A pet sitting business who operates with staff may have more availability but they too at times have to turn away last minute requests. Professional pet sitters only accept a certain number of reservations per day in order to provide the best care for your pets. When the schedule is filled, any other service requests must be denied.

Plan In Advance When Possible

Most pet sitting clients reserve care for their pets well in advance, especially during summer and holidays.  This is a very busy time for pet sitters and the schedule fills up quickly.

If you do have an emergency or an opportunity to get out of town for a few days, you should still call your pet sitter.  They may be able to rearrange their schedule. Be prepared though that some times your pet sitter will have to tell you no, unfortunately they just can’t squeeze in one more pet visit. Offering to pay double will not help.  When schedules are full they are full and a professional pet sitter will not shorten those pet visits that were booked in advance to fit in more.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed last minute pet care?  What did you do?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County, PA. Our pet sitters and dog walkers are available in Beaver, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Monaca, Rochester, and surrounding areas.



3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

Are you concerned about leaving your house key on file with a pet sitter?  Knowing the system your pet sitter has in place and the benefits may help put your mind at ease.

Here are 3 reasons to keep keys on file with a professional pet sitter.

3 Reasons To Keep Keys On File With A Professional Pet Sitter

1.  Convenience

When you leave your keys on file with Best in Pet Services, all you have to do is call, email, or use our online scheduling system to book your service request.  You won’t have to make special arrangements for key pick up or return in your already busy schedule.

2. Emergencies

You might have to work late or leave town suddenly. Best in Pet Services can more easily accommodate last minute requests when client keys are kept on file.

3.  Cost

Eliminates the fee for a key pick up or drop off fee.  Most professional pet sitters do charge for this.  Picking up and dropping off keys requires additional trips for the pet sitter.  Not only does it take up a time slot that could be used to care for someone’s pets, it is an additional expense. Best in Pet Services must pay employees for all time worked which includes trips to collect or return keys and reimburse for mileage expense.

Before handing over your keys to any pet sitter there are some things you should ask. How does the pet sitter safe guard your keys?  Who has access to the keys?  How are the keys identified? Where are the keys kept when not in use?

These are all very legitimate concerns..  The safety of your pet is a professional pet sitters top priority but so is the security of you home, keys, and personal information.

When you hire the services of Best in Pet Services, you can be assured that your pet and home will be safe and secure.

How do we safeguard your house keys?

  • Keys are identified with a random numbering system.  They are not marked with your address, pets name, or any information that would associate the key to your home.
  • Keys not in use are kept in a locked filing cabinet.
  • Two keys are kept on file.  Lisa and the pet sitter currently servicing your pets will have access to your house key.

How would keeping your keys on file with a professional pet sitter make your life easier?

Best in Pet Services provides professional pet sitting and dog walking in Beaver County.  We service an eight mile radius from 5th St New Brighton, Pa including areas of New Brighton, Beaver Falls, Beaver, Monaca, and Rochester.



Pet Sitter Referral Program, How It Can Benefit You!

Do you know about our pet sitter referral program?

Client referrals are the greatest complement we can receive!  We are very appreciative when our clients value our service so much they want to tell others about us.

Snowball, Lego, Simon, Benny, Karma – Best in Pet Services


Client referrals are the greatest complement we can receive!  We are very appreciative when our clients value our service so much they want to tell others about us.

Trust (How can I trust you to care for my pets?) is a key factor when choosing someone to care for our pets and our homes. What better way to find a trustworthy, reliable professional pet sitter than from the recommendation of those we love and trust. (10 reasons to hire a professional pet sitter).


 How does the Best in Pet Services referral program work?

It’s easy all you have to do is tell your friends, family, or neighbors about our pet sitting & dog walking services.  Let them know what you like about Best in Pet Services and why you hired us and trust us with your home and pets.

Ways to tell others about us:

  • Conversations.  When you are talking about your vacation, let them know how the pets did with your pet sitter while you were away. If you use Best in Pet Services for mid day doggie let outs or daily dog walks, tell your friends how happy your pet is having a break during the day and relieved your are not to have to rush home from work to let the dog out. If they want more info, direct them to our website  .


  • Share our blogs and posts found on our Best in Pet Services Facebook page.  We often post important updates, fun facts, cartoons, and our blogs on Facebook.  It’s an easy way to share information with your friends.


  • Ask for some of our business cards to pass out.  Our new business cards feature a place on the back to write in your name as referred by.  When someone presents the card to us we know that you shared our info with them and when they book service a credit is automatically applied to your account and we a notification is sent to you.  Do you need some cards?  Contact us and we will send some out.

Free visits

When your referral books service with us, you will receive a credit for one 20-30 minute regular pet visit up to a $23 value. We know pet care can add up, especially when you are taking a long vacation.  This is a great way to earn some free pet sitting.  To use the free credit, all you have to do is book service and your credit will be applied to your next visit.  Reservations must be confirmed first and are based on availability.

There is no limit to the amount of free visits you can earn. We have quite a few clients who share our cards and info with everyone they know and have earned 5 or more visits to use per year.

The Best  in Pet Services referral program is our way of saying thanks to the clients who love and appreciate our service.  We are blessed to be doing what we love,  because of you!

Thank you for sharing your pets with us and thank you for sharing our pet sitting and dog walking services with others.

Who do you know with a pet that could benefit from having a pet sitter?