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Affectionate Gestures Dogs Hate

We love our dogs so we shower them with hugs and kisses. The problem with our display of affection, however, is dogs don’t perceive these gestures as affectionate. There are absolutely some affectionate gestures dogs hate.

Affectionate Gestures Dogs hate


Affectionate Gestures Dogs Hate



It’s really hard not to want to hug our dog. Humans show love by hugging. By hugging our dog we feel we are displaying our affection but dogs feel confined and stressed not loved.

Some dogs may tolerate a hug but that doesn’t mean he enjoys it.  Hugging makes dogs uncomfortable.  If you notice your dog’s ears flat and pinned back against his head, face turned, licking his lips, or yawning, it’s wise to back off. Your dog is letting you know he is uncomfortable being hugged. Don’t hug the dog!  


Because our dogs lick us we assume they like kisses from us too.  Not necessarily!  Dogs do not like when anyone gets in their face.  It makes them extremely uncomfortable.  Dogs lick us for many reasons.  For dogs, licking is s a natural instinct.  Other reasons for dog licks are,  they like us, we taste good, they are seeking attention, or as a submissive gesture.  

Our kisses are quite different than a lick from a dog’s view. My little Chihuahua seems to adore kisses and even puts her face against mine for more. My Doberman and Boxer on the other hand are not fond of kisses.  Your dog will clearly let you know. If your dog is turning away from you, licking his lips, or even snapping, then listen to his signs. Don’t kiss your dog!

Pats on the head

So many times I witness people want to greet a dog with a pat on the head. Most dogs dislike this gesture.  It can be intimidating and fearful from a dog’s view having a hand move over his head. This is especially true if it is someone the dog does not know that well.  Would you like it if some stranger came up to you and started patting your head? Probably not!

Your dog wants affectionate pets but in the right places and times.  Try petting your dog on the chest, shoulders or back of the neck.  Favorite places for scratches is on the back near base of tail around neck. 

Treat your dog with love and respect.  Use appropriate gestures your dog will enjoy and avoid human affectionate gestures dogs hate.  Your dog will be so much happier and feel more loved.


Signs Your Dog Has Worms

Dogs pick up worms in various ways.  You may not notice if your dog has a parasite right away so be sure to look for some signs your dog has worms.  

The most common types of worms that can affect your dog are tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, heartworms, and whipworms. Depending on the type of worm, your dog will show different symptoms.

 Signs Your Dog Has Worms

 Signs Your Dog Has Worms


If you aren’t sure if your dog has a parasite, here are some possible signs your dog has worms.

White like rice bits visible in stool or around anus area

You may notice little moving bits that resemble rice in your dog’s poo. These are tapeworms.  Your dog will get tapeworms if they ingest an infected flea.  


Scooting is another sign your dog may possibly have worms.  Worms cause your dog irritation and scooting is a way for your dog to help relieve themselves.

Spaghetti like worms in vomit or feces

Roundworms look like long, spaghetti found in a dog’s vomit or feces.  Roundworms are common in puppies. Mothers can pass roundworms to their puppies during birth or through nursing.  Roundworms can grow up to 7 inches long.  Dogs come in contact with roundworms through the mother, infected soil, contaminated feces, or eating infected rodents.  

Bloody Stool, Diarrhea, Weight loss, Pale Gums

Hookworms and whipworms aren’t going to be visible in your dog’s stool.  Some possible signs though are bloody stool or darkened black like stool, diarrhea, weight loss. and pale gums.  If your dog is showing these signs take them to your veterinarian for a check up.

Congestive heart failure

Sometimes dogs with heartworms will develop congestive heart failure.  This is due to the weakening of the muscles and tissues around the heart. Often times though symptoms of heartworm doesn’t show up until there is advanced infection.  Heartworm is contacted by an infected mosquito bite.  Heartworm is deadly but preventable.  Have your dog tested and keep on a monthly heartworm preventative. 

If you suspect your dog has worms or are showing any of the signs above, please go to your veterinarian for a check up.  


Improve Your Dog’s Wellbeing With One Daily Habit!

As pet guardians we know the importance of providing our pets with good food, a nice home, lots of love, and veterinary care.  These things are necessary for your dog’s health and happiness but there is something more you can and should do. You can improve your dog’s wellbeing with one daily habit, dog walking.

Dog's Wellbeing

Improve Your Dog’s Wellbeing With One Daily Habit!

Taking your dog out for a daily walk has significant benefits.  Although it might not seem that important or necessary, your dog needs and wants the stimulation. Providing your dog with daily mental and physical stimulation improves behavior, increases happiness, and keeps your dog healthy.

How to easily make dog walking a daily habit

Start today

All you need to do is start.  Start today! Leash up your dog and just do it.  Maybe you only have time to stroll out the front door and that is okay. Getting out even for a short time is better than not at all.  

Keep it simple

Start out small by committing to 1-5 minutes.  Everyone can spare 5 minutes a day.  If you think you have to walk your dog for 20-30 minutes daily then most likely you will not succeed in making this a daily habit. You will think of all the other things you need to do and put this one important activity aside.

All you need to do is start.  Start with 1-2 minutes if that is all you have time for. You may find that once you get started you keep going.  

Be consistent

Make it a priority to take your dog out everyday.  If you can only make it down the street one day, that is fine.  Some days may be a short trip around the block, others a nice hike.  the important thing is not how long you get your dog out but to do it daily.  Dogs take in the world thru scents so it is necessary for them to be able to explore by sniffing out their environment.

Make it fun

Daily dog walks should not be a chore that has to be done.  It should be fun for you and your dog.  Letting your dog sniff around is important for their mental stimulation.   Walking your dog this is a great way to bond.  Your dog views walks as fun and exciting.  If you are taking them for a walk, then you too are fun and exciting.  

If your dog is horrible walking on a leash, don’t let this discourage you.  Your dog is just over excited to experience the outside world.  You can improve your dog’s leash walking by using an easy walk harness or no-pull freedom harness, hire a dog trainer, or watch some videos.

Improve your dog’s wellbeing with one daily habit, a dog walk! This one simple activity has such significant benefits. Your dog will be so happy!



Hiring A Dog Walker, What You Need To Know!

If your dog is at home most days for 10 plus hours, it may be time to hire a dog walker. Yes, most dogs can hold it but that results in a very uncomfortable day for your dog.

Since this may be new to you, you may be a little worried.  How do you find a person who will love and care for your dog like you? Will the person you hire be reliable? How do you know they won’t snoop through your house or worse steal something?


Hiring a dog walker, what you need to know!

dog walker

Hire a professional dog walker.  

Pet sitters and dog walkers are popping up all over the place.  Sites like Rover and DogVacay promote dog walking and pet sitting as an easy way to make big money.  You will find pages of listings for pet care services on sites such as Rover, DogVacay, Care, and Craigslist.  Anyone can sign up on these sites regardless of their qualifications.  

When you hire a professional dog walker, you can be confident knowing the person caring for and walking your dog has the training and skills necessary to keep your pet safe.  As professional dog walkers, we have encountered some very unpleasant experiences; dogs trying to grab chicken bones tossed on the sidewalk, reactive dogs, and strong pullers.  The scariest encounters, however, are the loose, charging dogs.  Hiring  a person who doesn’t know what to do in these types of situations consequently can result in injury or death to your dog.

Because your pet, home, and privacy are important to you, careful consideration should be given to those you allow to have access to your home and pet. Not only do you want the best for your pet’s care, you also want someone reliable and trustworthy.  Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.  They will only want to refer someone they have used and trust.

Take time to research dog walking and pet sitting services in your area.  

To help find the right fit for you and your pet, here are some questions to ask.

  • Are you bonded and insured?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Who will be walking my dog?
  • How do you keep my house keys secure?
  • What happens if my dog walker is sick, injured, has an emergency and can’t get to my dog?

Most importantly when hiring a dog walker, meet them.  How are they with your dog?  Is your dog comfortable with the dog walker? Are you comfortable with the dog walker?  

There are many benefits to hiring a dog walker but the most important is the health and happiness of your dog.



Pet Diaries! Chase Is A Fun Game!

Pet Diaries

Tuesday morning!


Pet DiariesBubba ~

I knew something was up.  Mom and Dad were up extra early, bustling about the house.  They headed out the door together so we are going to be alone for a bit. No worries, I know they don’t leave us for very long.  Either they will be home soon or my friend will be by to visit. Mom and Dad call my friend the pet sitter.  I am going to rest for awhile on the sofa until someone comes home.

OllieOllie ~

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!  Mom and Dad left early this morning. What should I do?  Ripping the stuffing out of pink monkey is a fun game.



Best in Pet Services TazTaz ~

I really don’t like when Mom and Dad leave.  When they have to go away I like to be alone and go in the basement on the futon.  It’s my safe/comfy space.  The basement door is closed so I will have to stay upstairs but at least I have a comfy bed to curl up on.  I will watch Ollie, he is quite entertaining.

Best in Pet Services BoogerBooger ~

Mom and Dad had somewhere to go.  They closed the basement door so I can stretch out on the bed with no distractions from those dogs.  I like peace and quiet. Taz is always trying to sneak down here with me.  She likes me a lot.



Tuesday afternoon!

Bubba ~

What a peaceful sleep I was enjoying on the sofa.  My favorite spot is the end where my head rests perfectly on the arm of the couch.  I thought I was dreaming but then the sound grew closer.  I hurried up to the window!  Bubba 05-17-16Yes!  Just what I thought!  Our friend is here!  Ollie and Taz were at the window too, barking so I barked.  It’s what we should do when someone is coming.

I rushed to the door but so did they.  She always has the most amazing smells. We all want to sniff her first and when we do she gives us scratches.

Bubba 2 05-17-16My friend took Ollie and Taz out back. I am special and get to go out front. She walked me all around the front of the yard.  I have new meds now and I am doing much better with my Cushings. My friend noticed the difference and told me that I was doing great.  She was so happy about that!

I showed her that I can walk around back easily.  I tried to lead her to the van. Dad always gives me treats there.  She wasn’t catching on.  She thought I wanted to go to the wooded area to poo. I wanted treats. Sometimes people are so hard to train.

Treats, treats, treats, just thinking about treats! Once we were around back, I started to sniff, so seemed like a good time to relieve myself.  Back inside, my friend gave me fresh water.  She always makes sure my bowl if full with clean, fresh water because I drink a lot.  It’s because of my Cushings, but lately I haven’t needed as much.  It’s the new meds.

I feel content and think I will take a snooze on the sofa. My friend loves me and thinks I am the best so she sat next to me for extra scratches. The scratches around my neck felt good so I closed my eyes. Bubba 02-29-16 - Copy

Ollie ~

Best in Pet Services OllieWhat’s that I hear?  Could it be?  Why, yes it’s my friend!  Oh yippy!  Hooray!  I can’t wait, I can’t wait!  As soon as my friend walked in the door I could smell all those tantalizing scents: dogs, cats, and some kind of other critter not sure what but some kind of little rodent.  I would like to get a hold of that. Maybe it’s like the one I caught when  I was walking with Mom and Dad out back in the woods.  They weren’t too happy but I thought it was great fun. Taz and Ollie wanted it too! Mom and Dad didn’t let us keep it. They ruined our fun game.

Taz & Ollie 09-01-15My friend told me and Taz we had to go out back to potty and then we could play. I am a good boy and listen.  Taz tried to run down to the basement so she wouldn’t have to go out.  She is a baby with so much as one drizzle. We are pals though so I comforted her.

Taz and Ollie 05-17-16After we came in my friend sat on the floor.  She plays tug and fetch with me but Taz was trying to have all her attention.  Taz was lying right next to her rolling over for tummy rubs.  My friend falls for it every time. That annoyed me! I wanted to play. I kept running up to Taz, barking and yipping so he would move away from her. Taz growled and chased me away. Best in Pet Services OllieI guess Taz wanted to play too. Chase is a fun game!

Playing games is the best but my friend said it was time to take a break.  She called me close and gave me scratches and soothing pets, told me she loved me and I am the best.  I am going to rest now until Mom and Dad get home.Ollie 3


Taz ~

Taz 02-29-16The car was coming to our house.  I could hear it before it hit the gravel in the driveway.  I am sure  I heard it before Ollie and Bubba.  I am super smart. We all rushed up to the window just in time to see my friend coming. She really loves me and gives me the best tummy rubs. I hurried to the door to greet her first but Ollie and Bubba were right there.  We were all trying to sniff her up.  Those scents are so delicious!

My friend gave me big scratches and said hello.  She wanted me an Ollie to go out back.  She said we needed to do our business.  My business was to get downstairs on the futon.  I don’t like to go out.  Wet drops were falling from the sky. I don’t like that.  I was all set to get in my comfy spot but as I was going to pass the door I noticed something in her hand.  Ollie wanted it bad and rushed outside.  No way was he getting something good.  I hurried out too. Oh well since I was out there I did some sniffing and took a bathroom break.

Me and Ollie were out back when my friend and Bubba came around.  I watched as they headed for the wooded area.  At first I thought they were going for a walk without me.  That would upset me but Bubba just needed his bathroom break.  I knew she wouldn’t take a walk without me.

Taz 05-17-16We went back inside and I intended to spend all my time next to my friend.  She loves me so much and she wants to give me pets, scratches, rub my belly, and tell me how I am the best dog.  Ollie thought she was his friend too and he was trying to get her to play.  She kept throwing his toy to get him out of our way but he kept coming back.

It got worse.  He caught on to her trick and started barking at me.  I was not having it.  I charged at him with my growls.  He kept coming back.  Geesh!  Ollie was really starting to annoy me. Ollie thinks its a game of chase and he was having fun. I was not playing.

He doesn’t seem to bother my friend.  She didn’t growl or chase him away.  I don’t understand it.  She just kept playing with him and she gave him scratches too!

My friend had to go and she said I could go downstairs. I did. Ollie started barking and I  wanted to see if he was playing games with my friend. She came back and let me out of the basement.  I think it’s better to help Bubba keep an eye on Ollie.Bubba and Taz 05-18-16 - Copy

Booger ~

I was taking my snooze when I was awakened by those crazy dogs. Barking, yipping, jumping up and down.  I thought what in the world are they doing.  I rushed up the steps to see but the basement door was closed.  While sitting there waiting, the door opened and there was my friend. Oh goody!

She gave me some pets but not enough.  I think she wanted those dogs to leave the house. She surely wanted to spend time with me because she made them go out the door.  I went down on the bed to wait for her.  She was gone longer than I  expected.  Those dogs try to distract her from giving me ear scratches and pets.  I think they are jealous of me.Booger

It was very disappointing when my friend let those dogs back into the house.  I forgave her though when she sat next to me and said she thought I was a great kitty. She always tells me she loves me and I am the best. Yes, I am!

Taz came back down to the basement to be with me. I was going to tolerate her and keep her company. Ollie was carrying on. Taz went back upstairs to check on things and supervise Ollie. Taz has it under control so I can stretch out and go back to my snooze.

Taz and Booger (3)