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Pet Sitter Emergency, Who Will Care for Your Pets?

You planned your vacation months in advance.  You found the perfect pet sitter to come in and care for your furry family. The time has finally come for you to enjoy that long awaited trip out of the country.  All is in place and you have peace of mind!

The  pet sitter is taking great care of your cat Fluffy and your dog Scruffy. She is leaving daily notes and sending occassional email updates.  You are happy and enjoying your time away.  Three days into the trip, your pet sitter is in a car accident and ends up in the hospital.  What happens to your pets?

You have a real problem, your best friend is allergic to cats and won’t go near Fluffy.  Your parents are older and cannot handle your big dog, Scruffy and you worry about them driving at night or Scruffy anxious for company jumping on them and hurting them. To top it off, it’s a Holiday so all the other pet sitters in the area are booked.  You tried to find someone to step in but can’t get anyone last minute so now you have to cut your vacation short and get home.  You are upset, worried, and disappointed! 

Emergencies happen to everyone, even the pet sitter.  It is so important to have a back up plan in place for those unforeseen moments.  You should not have to be burdened with trying to find a backup pet sitter for your dog or cat while you are away.  When hiring a pet sitter, always hire a professional pet sitter and not just a hobby sitter.  A professional pet sitter will have a backup plan in place. They will be able to explain to you the process and who will be pet sitting for you if they should become unavailable due to an emergency.

Have you ever had a pet sitter have an emergency and not be able to care for you pets?  What did you do?