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The Doberman Ate The Entire Couch – Is the Pet Sitter Responsible?


Our day started early 6 am, fed my dogs and out for a quick potty.  It was hit the door running to be at the first pet sitting client’s house by 7am. It was a full day of taking care of dogs, cats, birds, and fish.  We had feedings, potty breaks, clean ups (oops yes sometimes there are accidents), litter scooping, and dog walks.


There was barely time for lunch.


While I was out attending other pets, my pets were at home waiting patiently.  What were they doing? Were they napping?

Ace & Chis


It was a really long day and I was gone longer than usual but I wasn’t worried they are good dogs.














(notice Sasha, the Chihuahua left the crime scene)

My dogs have never chewed anything up before.  Why did they do this?  I just couldn’t figure out why they would cause this destruction and then the light bulb went off. The Chihuahua’s are over 10 years old and do nap a lot but Ace the Doberman just turned one year and he is used to having a walk and some play time before I head out the door but today was different. Ace was bored and lonely with two senior Chis. He wanted to have some fun  and he did .

Bored dogs become destructive dogs. They chew on shoes, the carpet, the woodwork, and may even eat an entire couch. They need to find something to do to relieve that boredom. Keep them busy, challenged, and tired.  Give them new toys, a stuffed Kong, introduce them to new surroundings by taking them on a hike in the woods or to a dog park or just friendly walks around the neighborhood.

Life gets busy and hectic but don’t forget the dog or you may not have something to sit on after your long busy day.

 This pet sitter learned a lesson.

        DSC00804 (2)Ace is now on our daily dog walking schedule.


        Does your pet need on our daily dog walking schedule too?



Beaver County Pet Sitter Cares for Diabetic Pets

Diabetes is on the rise for pets.  It has almost tripled since 1970. Most dogs suffer from Type 1 Diabetes while most people and cats suffer from Type 11 Diabetes.

Three years ago, our  dog Ming was diagnosed with diabetes.  We had just taken Ming in from a family moving who could no longer keep her. She was 8 years old at the time. We only had Ming for a month when she started to display all the classic signs. Ming was very lethargic, vomiting  (a lot), peeing (a lot), had trouble holding it until she went outside ( lots of very sticky accidents), was drinking water like crazy, and losing weight fast. Sure enough, a vet visit confirmed Ming had diabetes.

Pets are really resilient, Ming bounced back quickly with a regulated diet and regular insulin shots and her diabetes is under control.

As a pet owner, I know in order to keep our dog feeling good and in good health, a regular routine is very important. Feeding, insulin shots, and exercise must be regularly scheduled. Adapting to a pet with diabetes, takes some  time.  It is an adjustment but very manageable.   After the intial shock,  it all becomes second nature. Although second nature for me, the pet owner,  that is not the case when I need to go away and have someone else care for her.

As a pet sitter, I have cared for many diabetic dogs and cats in the Beaver County Area. Our clients are very particular on who cares for their special needs pets, just as I am.  Not just anyone should care for the diabetic dog or cat. We have had many clients who had not gone away for years before finding our service because they did not trust anyone to care for their pets and did not want to use a kennel so as not to stress the pet.

Family and friends may not feel comfortable giving insulin shots, or recognize warning signs of high/low blood sugars, or not know what to do when the pet does not eat.  The neighbor girl who loves pets might not realize the importance  of being there right at 7am and 7pm to feed the pet and give a shot and think it’s ok to come at 9am and 5 pm one day and then 7am and 10 pm the next .

Just remember diabetic dogs need frequent potty breaks and cannot always hold it all day and exercise should be part of their daily routine. If you are working long hours, call us and we would be happy to give your dog some relief and a walk. If you are going away on vacation or for the day, we are here to provide you with peace of mind knowing your diabetic pet is in the best hands and their routine will be closely followed.

Tell us about your diabetic pet.  How long has your pet had diabetes? Do you follow a strict routine?


Pet Sitter Emergency, Who Will Care for Your Pets?

You planned your vacation months in advance.  You found the perfect pet sitter to come in and care for your furry family. The time has finally come for you to enjoy that long awaited trip out of the country.  All is in place and you have peace of mind!

The  pet sitter is taking great care of your cat Fluffy and your dog Scruffy. She is leaving daily notes and sending occassional email updates.  You are happy and enjoying your time away.  Three days into the trip, your pet sitter is in a car accident and ends up in the hospital.  What happens to your pets?

You have a real problem, your best friend is allergic to cats and won’t go near Fluffy.  Your parents are older and cannot handle your big dog, Scruffy and you worry about them driving at night or Scruffy anxious for company jumping on them and hurting them. To top it off, it’s a Holiday so all the other pet sitters in the area are booked.  You tried to find someone to step in but can’t get anyone last minute so now you have to cut your vacation short and get home.  You are upset, worried, and disappointed! 

Emergencies happen to everyone, even the pet sitter.  It is so important to have a back up plan in place for those unforeseen moments.  You should not have to be burdened with trying to find a backup pet sitter for your dog or cat while you are away.  When hiring a pet sitter, always hire a professional pet sitter and not just a hobby sitter.  A professional pet sitter will have a backup plan in place. They will be able to explain to you the process and who will be pet sitting for you if they should become unavailable due to an emergency.

Have you ever had a pet sitter have an emergency and not be able to care for you pets?  What did you do?