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When It’s Time to Fire the Family and Hire a Professional Pet Sitter – True Stories!


When It’s Time to Fire the Family and


Hire a Professional Pet Sitter 


True Stories


We love our families but they really aren’t always the best at taking care of our pets while we are away.

Here are just a few of the stories of why some pet owners had to fire family members and hire a professional pet sitter.

(All dogs will be called Scruffy and all cats Fluffy to protect those pet loving families)Hire a professional pet sitter

  • Mom called to see if she had to walk across the street to our house to let all 3 Scruffys out because it was raining.  Would they be ok without going out to potty for the night?


  • Came home from vacation and noticed the newspaper still in the driveway. Scruffy had accidents all over the house.  My aunt was caring for Scruffy but did not come by on the last day since she was very sick and knew  we were coming home later that night.


  • My mother who lives with us was caring for the cats and let Fluffy outside.  Kept asking mom if she went out to look for her or called her at night and mom kept forgetting. Fluffy was outside for 8 days and didn’t come back until after we returned from our trip.


  • Mom and Dad were keeping Scruffy at their house and Scruffy being a puppy chewed up moms shoes, carpet, and woodwork. Mom not happy.


  • Our nephew was caring for the Fluffys but did not scoop the litter boxes for 10 days and Fluffys started going outside litter boxes.


  • Dad stayed at our place to care for Scruffy but he gave Scruffy table food. Scruffy has a sensitive tummy and had quite a few accidents from both ends. Carpets look a mess.


  • Sister was going to care for the Fluffys and Scruffys but husband got scheduled for a business trip and she wanted to go so could no longer care for the pets.


  • Teenage niece was spending the night with the Scruffys and Fluffys.  She had several friends stay with her and they stayed up all night but slept all the next day not feeding pets in the morning or getting the Scruffys outside.


  • Mom was letting the rambunctious Scruffys out and they knocked her down.  She wasn’t hurt this time but is now afraid to watch the Scruffys.

Your family means well and they love your pets but let a professional pet sitter care for your pets while you are away. It will relieve a lot of stress and burden and you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind knowing your pets are with an experienced pet sitter.

Have you ever had to fire your family from caring for your pets? 



Tips for Scheduling a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

Holidays are a time of celebration with with family and friends and sometimes require travel to visit those loved ones.  Pets aren’t always able to go too.  Everyone knows holidays sneak up fast and often times booking a pet sitter is over looked until last minute.

To help make sure your pets are cared for while you enjoy time with the people you love, here are some tips for scheduling a pet sitter for the holidays.

Tips For Scheduling a Pet Sitter for the Holidays


Tips for Scheduling a Pet Sitter for the Holidays!


  • Contact your pet sitter as soon as you know your plans to be away. Holidays book up quickly and pet sitters have limited availability. This is to ensure that each pet receives adequate time and care.


  • Expect to pay extra for the major holidays. Most pet sitters charge an additional fee for the major holidays.  It can be a per visit charge or a per day charge. Most holidays included are;  New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.


  • Provide a trusted neighbor with a key and ask they be available in case of inclement weather.  We can’t predict the weather especially over the holidays.   When severe weather hits it is difficult and dangerous navigating on the roads. Pet sitter schedules may be slightly off due to longer commute times.  There may be a state of emergency if the weather is too severe. It is always recommended to have someone in walking distance to check on the pets.


  • Hire a professional pet sitter.  When you hire a professional pet sitter for the holidays, you can be sure they will be there for the scheduled service. They will not back out last minute leaving you stuck and scrambling to find someone  days before you are ready to leave.


  • Wait till last minute to schedule a pet sitter for the holidays. What is last minute?  It can vary but most pet sitters book for the holidays at least a month or more in advance.  Chances are if you are trying to schedule the week before, your pet sitter will not be available.


  • Expect your pet sitter to try to squeeze you in even if you are a long standing client.  Your pet sitter feels bad saying no but there are only so many visits they can personally fit in during a day and still provide your pet with great care.  Offering  to pay double does not open up those spots and it is not fair to existing clients who booked early.


Holidays are to be enjoyed with those you love. Follow these tips to secure your holiday pet sitter for your pets and enjoy  a stress free holiday with your loved ones.  Remember too, pet sitters like some time with their family over the holidays so please be respectful of their time.

Have you ever had to scramble last minute finding a pet sitter for the holidays?  What happened and what did you do with your pets?






5 Things Your Dog Walker Should Never Do!

5 Things Your Dog Walker Should Never Do!


Hiring a dog walker is great for your dog and for you and that is why you made arrangements for someone to let your dog out mid day while you work those long hours.

5 things Your Dog Walker should never do

Blondie – Best in Pet Services – pet sitting & dog walking

Your dog gets outside for a potty break and to relieve boredom and you don’t have to stress about rushing home to let him out. The situation is ideal.

What you may not realize is there are some risks involved and there should be guidelines when walking the dog.  Most pet parents aren’t even aware of the risk to their dog, the walker, or other pets and people that they encounter on their walks.

This story from KTLA 5  is just one example of what happens when the dog walker does not follow the guidelines.


The 5 Things Your Dog Walker Should Never Do!

1.  Should never bring others on the dog walk, no husbands, friends, and especially children.

Bringing others is a distraction and the dog walker will not be paying full attention to the dog or the surroundings.  They will not be aware of changes in the dogs body language or environment and will be reacting to situations rather than avoiding them.  Also, the dog may not be comfortable having additional, unfamiliar people along, especially children.  Children can accidently startle or injure the dog.

2. Never bring their own dogs on the walk too. 

This is also very distracting for the dog walker and the dog.  The dogs can get overexcited being together and difficult to handle.  They may not get along.

3. Take multiple dogs out on a pack walk if not experienced.

Walking multiple pets in a pack must be handled by an experienced walker and one who is very familiar with body language.  One dog’s reaction can trigger the entire pack and it is very difficult to control a pack of frenzied dogs. A qualified dog walker will watch for signs and know how to handle the situation.

4. Walk very aggressive or reactive dogs.

This is very dangerous for all involved.  Aggressive dogs and some very reactive dogs should never be taken for a walk until they have worked with a trainer.  Little things can set these dogs off. The walker will not be able to control them and risks someone being bitten.

5. Allow others to approach your dog.

While out walking, other people will want to approach your dog.  They will walk up to pet him or bring their own dog over to greet him. To your dog , these people and other dogs are unfamiliar and there is no guarantee how each will interact with the other.

Accidents can happen and dogs can be unpredictable at times so it is very important to make sure your dog walker is experienced and avoids unnecessary risks.


5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Pet Sitter!

Think you do not need a professional pet sitter, you may want to think again. Having family members, friends, or neighbors care for your pets is great but there are going to be times when you will need a professional pet sitter.

Before I had my pet sitting business, I had relied on my dad to care for my pets. It was ideal, especially since my parents live across the street from me. My father was the pet lover so he did most of the care. He passed away in 2001 but my mom was still able to care for my pets until we wanted to take a huge family vacation. I was stuck as to what I should do with my pets.

There will be times when the person you have now caring for your pets will not be available or is no longer a good fit for pet care.  It is important that you have a professional pet sitter lined up so that you will not be scrambling trying to arrange care last minute.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Professional Pet Sitter

5 Reasons You Should have a Professional Pet Sitter

Dutch & Duke – Best in Pet Services – pet sitting & dog walking

1.  Your current pet care provider will not always be available when you need them.

2.  Your pet needs medicine or more experienced care.

3.  The person caring for your pets does not have a  back up plan in place in the event of their own emergency.

4.  You have multiple pets and it is too much for your family member or friend to handle and they dread caring for your pets.

5.   It is an inconvenience for your neighbor to come over late at night for a potty break or the kid next door refuses to scoop the kitty litter.

Don’t wait until there is an emergency and you are stuck with no one to care for your pets.  Look for a professional pet sitter today.


Boarding vs Pet Sitting vs Kennels

The holidays are the perfect time to visit family and friends.  While sometimes our furry pals get to tag along, it’s not always possible. When you can’t take your pet with you, there are pet care options. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide.   Which is best for your pet, boarding vs pet sitting vs kennels?

  Boarding vs Pet Sitting vs Kennels


Boarding vs Pet Sitting vs Kennels



What Are Your Pet Care Options?


Boarding is a service where you drop your pet off at a certain place for a certain pre arranged set of time.  This could be with a family member, friend, or a neighbor.

Pros of Boarding:

  • Pet stays in a home environment usually cage free.
  • The pet has more human companionship receiving more individual attention.
  • Boarding is less expensive, sometimes free if using family or friends.

Cons of Boarding:

  • The pet may feel stressed and uncomfortable staying in unfamiliar surroundings.  The pet can also experience severe anxiety if placed in an environment with several other pets of which they aren’t familiar.
  • You must drop off  and pick up the pet and all pet supplies.
  • Family, friends or neighbors may feel obligated to care for your pets and be inconvenienced and you may have to reciprocate and in turn board their pets.

Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting is a service where the pet stays in their own home and a person comes to visit regularly to care for the pet. The pet sitter will provide the basic necessities such as  food, water, litter scooping, outside potty time, but will also provide attention and love.

Pros of Pet Sitting:

  • The pet stays in their own home where they feel comfortable.  There is reduced  stress because the pet is surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.
  • There is no exposure to contagious illnesses such as kennel cough or intestinal parasites.
  • While pet owners are away someone is checking on the hours. The mail and newspapers are brought in and newspapers, and plants are watered.

Cons of Pet Sitting:

  • The pet spends some time at home alone.
  • Pet sitting sometimes is a little more expensive especially if there is only one pet in the household.
  • The pet may become bored or lonely being home alone.


Kennels are temporary housing structures for sheltering pets when owners are away.  They have staff who regularly check on the pets and provide care.

Pros of Kennels:

  • The pet is in a secure environment 24 hours.
  • There is access for the pet to go outdoors more frequently.
  • Often cheaper especially if only kenneling one pet

Cons of Kennels:

  • Stressful for pets to be in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Increased risk of illness or internal parasites.
  • Extra costs for additional time spent with pet, such as walking, playtime, or snuggle time.

While these are just a few of the pros and cons of each pet care option, pet owners must do their research and determine what is best for their pet and situation.

Every pet is different. Some pets do well with boarding or kennels, however some pets become extremely stressed leaving home.  This is especially true for almost all cats.   Choose your pet care provider wisely and ask your veterinarian, friends, and neighbors for referrals. The most important thing to keep in mind is where will your pet feel most comfortable and provide you with a worry free holiday.

No matter which pet care option  you choose for the holidays, remember to reserve your spot early. Holiday’s book up fast and if you do not make your pet care arrangements early enough, you may be staying home with your pet as a result.

Which is best for your pet, boarding vs pet sitting vs kennels?