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7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Halloween is a time for fun festivities, decorations, parties, and most of all the costumes. Although this time is super fun, it is not always so for your pets.  Halloween can cause stress and anxiety for your pets.  These 7 Halloween pet safety tips  will keep your pets more comfortable and safe during the holiday.

7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

 7 Halloween Pet Safety Tips


1.  Keep Pets Indoors

The best thing you can do for your pet is to keep them inside on Halloween.  Trick-or-treaters can be scary for your pet.  The costumes, strangers, and activity may be too much for your pet hence causing anxiety and fear.

During Halloween, there are some not so nice people out. Keep pets inside for their safety.  Black cats are especially at risk during this time.

2.  Proper ID

Pets can easily escape with the opening and closing of the door to trick-or-treaters. Be sure your pet is wearing proper indentification that is up to date.  This increases their chances of being returned home if they should happen to escape.

3.  Pet Costumes

Costumes can be confining and uncomfortable for pets which increases stress and anxiety.  When dressing up your pet for Halloween, try on the costume first.  Notice if your pet is acting uncomfortable or stressed, if so get rid of the costume.  A cute Halloween bandanna will be a better alternative.

For the pets who don’t mind being in costume, check the costume over carefully for any loose pieces such as string or buttons.  These could be a hazard to your pet. 

4.  Decorations

Chewing on wires or knocking over lit candles can cause serious injury to inquisitive pets.  To prevent your pet from being harmed or catching the house on fire, keep decorations far out of your pet’s reach.

5.  No Candy

Chocolate and candy containing Xylitol are extremely dangerous for pets which may cause severe illness or in some cases death.  Your pet can become ill from even a small sampling of a treat causing vomiting or diarrhea so it is best to avoid giving any candy to your pet.  Treat you pet instead to a filled Kong treat. 

6.  Block off Doors 

Blocking off doorways to the outdoors with a gate or securing pets in a back room will prevent an escape.  Pets can escape unnoticed when guests arrive and leave for a party or from the continuous stream of trick-or-treaters.

7.  Parties

Costume parties can be extremely frightening for a pet.  The masks and makeup hide a person’s face therefore making it difficult for pets to recognize familiar faces.  Lots of people in the home can cause pets to become overly excited or stressed.  Set your pet up in a nice quiet room with a treat so your pet feels more comfortable and safe.


 Follow these 7 Halloween pet safety tips to have  happy and safe Halloween.! 

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