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3 Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

3 Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

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We love dogs!   They enrich our lives in so many ways.  Dogs are the most loyal of friends and provide us with unconditional love.  It’s a friendship like no other.

The relationship between a dog and his owner is special.  A friendship occurs by just having our canine companions in our lives but we can have a stronger relationship by improving the bond we have with our beloved dog.



3 Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

1.  Spend Time With Your Dog.  Your dog just wants to be with you.  Nothing makes a dog happier than being by your side. It’s not enough to sit on the sofa watching t.v. with him laying at your feet.  Your dog won’t complain but it does nothing to build the bond. To improve your relationship, you must spend time being with your pet.

When you are with your dog, spend time petting him, scratching his ears, or brushing  him.  Give your dog one on one time, take him with you on a car ride or play with him.  Dogs love to play games.  Games of tug, fetch, or find it will make your dog happy and he will enjoy his time with you.

2.   Take Your Dog for Walks.  Quality time spent with your dog on daily walks can strengthen your bond.  It’s just you and your dog experiencing life.  This stimulates your dogs senses and enhances the connection between you and your dog. Enriching your dog’s life through different  experiences and fun activities will bring you and your dog closer.

3.  Train Your Dog.  Training is very important in building trust between you and your dog.  Your dog looks to you for guidance and direction and without training your dog will be frustrated not knowing what you expect.  Dogs want to please us.   Communication is key in building a strong, deep bond with your dog. Using positive reward based training methods will allow you to communicate proper, expected behavior and your dog will be eager to please.

Bringing a dog into our lives is very rewarding.  They bring us love and joy but the connection formed by creating a strong bond is powerful and lasts a lifetime!


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