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#1 Reason To Hire A Pet Sitter: Pets Stay Home

Vacation is planned months in advance. You wait in anticipation for that week away. When the time comes near, you stress about what to do with your pets.


Leaving your beloved pets behind weighs on your mind.  You feel nervous about them being alone and if they will be properly cared for.


There are many options of pet care to consider.  Pets can go to the kennel, stay at a family members home, or stay in their own home. What’s best for your pet?


Before making the decision, think about where your pet would feel most comfortable. 


#1 reason to hire a pet sitter: pets stay at home.

@1 Reason to hire a pet sitter: pets stay home


Hiring a professional pet sitter from Best in Pet Services provides you peace of mind while your pet enjoys the comforts of home. 


Here are some reasons your pet would prefer to stay at home.


Your pet becomes anxious with changes to routine or environment.


Most pets prefer a familiar routine and environment.  They know when it’s time to eat, sleep, wake up.


When pets are taken out of their home their daily routine is disrupted.  Their surroundings are unfamiliar. This can cause stress and anxiety for some pets. 


Traveling is difficult or stressful for your pet


Senior pets have a difficult time traveling. Often times it is hard for elderly pets  to get in and out of a car. 


Cats especially hate to travel and become very stressed when crated to be transported.  Not only can traveling be stressful for your pet, it is also and inconvenience for you.


Being around other pets and people makes your pet nervous


Not all pets are well socialized. When they are placed with other pets, people, or situations that are unfamiliar, your pet will suffer anxiety and be fearful.


This stress can cause unwanted behavior or health issues with your pet.  A professional pet sitter from Best in Pet Services will provide your pet with individual attention and that will be at ease in their own surroundings.


#1 Reason To Hire A Pet Sitter: Pets Stay Home. If your pet would prefer to stay at home when you travel, call us at 724-513-2495 or fill in our contact form

Best in Pet Services provides service in Beaver, Monaca, New Brighton, Beaver Falls, and surrounding areas.


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